It’s one sick relationship between me and Photoshop. I do it best when I’m stressed out. To me, it’s a stress relieved tool.

One of my best friends is currently hospitalized due to a leakage in her lung. There’s a HOLE in her right lung. After losing a dear friend to lung infection in January, this case is not helping my sanity (not that I’m so sane to begin with..)

She’s been hooked to a machine for the past few days to monitor her condition, to see if the leakage would stop. It’s not.

Now she’ll have an operation on Saturday, poking some holes into her chest in order to cut a part of her lung out in order to stop the leakage. (I don’t get it, my logic is cutting a part of her lung = making a bigger hole -“-)

Thoughts and prayers to Japan please.

Anyway, I’ve made quite a few wallpapers for iPhone lately, and I realized not everyone has an iPhone ^^” So, last night, I decided to turn some of my previous photoshop works into a wallpaper.

I love magnet board. This wallpaper is actually based on the board I have in my bedroom *lol* Thinking about how to place each photo/magnet (each ‘magnet’ has 6 layers , what am I doing?! XD) to make it look realistic is fun. I want to talk about each photo and magnet too (later~), as photo/word choice is something I dig. *lol*

I spent the longest time trying to come up with the title while working on this (and all day today at work!), finally clicked with “Across The Universe” *lol* ALL PUNS INTENDED.

8 hours later with 130+ layers of craziness. It turns out WAY better than I expected. I had a lot of fun with this one.

This one is for you, R1! ♥


If your screen is bigger than 1280×800, set background to black and set this wallpaper center, don’t stretch it.. -“-

Comment is ♥
Please do not edit or repost this wallpaper. Feel free to direct people back to this post. Thanks!

ETA: behind the scene: making of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE wallpaper


4 Responses to [Wallpaper] Across The Universe

  1. rhiminee says:


    I am also currently staring at my brand new sobbingly beautiful wallpaper. Wow. I mean. Wow. I mean super big WOW!!!!!

    I have no idea how you do this and am not even able to comprehend over 130 layers. D:
    I am just the grateful recipient of your fabulousness. <333333

    I will be praying for your friend. I will send her every bit of good karma that I've got. I hope that everything is okay. ***HUGS***

    • naughtiest says:

      YAY I’m glad you like it~ one of these day I’ll show step-by-step how I come up with this craziness *lol*

      And thank you so much for your prayers. *HUGS* My friend is feeling better and her doctor said she’ll be back to normal within a week or two after the operation. Still I’m not gonna stop worrying until she’s back to normal ^^”

  2. Melody says:

    I totally have this as my wallpaper on my new MacBook. Wonderful. :D

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