I’m all ears…

July 9, 2008 | et cetera |

… ears of a T&T fangirl!

Several years ago, Flowerypoopoo-san (are you sure you don’t want to change your name ka? ^^”) told me that a girl doesn’t have to be like a donut; she can be like a pizza, no hole but still taste good. You just have to love his analogy. xD

I have multiple ear piercings.

Each came from different occasions, some came when I felt seriously down (well, don’t worry, I stopped adding more after I graduated ^^”). One of them was even a mistake. Basically I’m now down to 6, but I hardly wear any earrings, just because I don’t have time in the morning ^^”

Anyway, today, I’ve finally found a perfect use of all my ear piercings. (^___^)v


Definitely T&T fangirl’s ears, eh? ^^

I’ve been looking for “T” studs for quite some time now but couldn’t find one that I really like until last week. When I saw this pair online, I snatched it right away xD

Hopefully, there won’t be any retard person taking my picture and claiming these ears are his/her own. It’s going to be more than a slap, I swear.

ps. I just realized that it’s super hard to take pictures of my own ears (and my messy hair after going to the gym!!) XDDD


8 Responses to I’m all ears…

  1. mich says:

    ii naaaa~~~ i pierced my ears…. twice. but somehow, in one way or anaother, they get infected, and i’m forced to remove them, and the holes closed, and now i am left with zero earholes again…. so envious of people who can wear earrings ne… i LOVE your earrings!! honto ni kawaii~~~ T♥T + DX :)

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Aw, so cute! T&T and DX…kawaii.
    I don’t have any piercings at all either. I want them, but never go and get them. lol You’re lucky you found earrings like those! ^^
    Flowerypoopoo?? Erm… lol

  3. Tongari says:

    That’s so cool! I like them! XDD Wouldn’t it be awesome for a T&T fangirl with their face pierced have T’s all over their face? LOL

    I want kanji earrings someday, too~~~ TakiTsubasa~

    …How DID you take a picture of your ears so perfectly? Definitely a photographer. XD My pictures would be crooked and unclear. lol

  4. naughtiest says:

    Awww *pets* some of my piercings got infected too. There was once that it was swollen really bad (and hurt like hell ^^”), but I was too stubborn so I kept cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol 3-4 times a day until it’s healed. Actually, sometimes the hole seems to be closed but if you bare the pain a little bit and poke a tiny stud earring in, it’ll become usable again ^^

    Now that you have an incentive of cute T♥T earrings, wouldn’t you reconsider getting your ears pierced? ;)

    ROFL that’d be such a painful way for fangirling ne~ xD I want Takitsuba kanji earrings too! I’m even thinking about taking silver jewelry making class just to make a pair of earrings~ LOL power of obsession!…

    LOL, mini trick, I stood in front of a mirror so I could see my display screen and point the camera to focus on my ears, then I did some cropping and rotating to make both ears look leveled *pets photoshop* XD

  5. bunsie says:

    ooo fangirl earrings :o fun~ i want more piercings hrmm i only have one in each ear :/

  6. Stephi-chan says:

    Hai hai! I definately have incentive now to pierce my ears. XD
    I want kind of a laquered earring pair with Takki and Tsu’s faces in a chibi anime style. LOL..I think it would be cute.
    *runs to jewelry place for piercings*

  7. Flowerypoopoo says:


    nice blog and cute T♥T earrings . I think I’d file your ears to a 3-ring binder if you’re around *//:evil: *

    flowerypoopoo: ones who, unfortunately, looks like s#/% sometimes but (hopefully) still sweet enough to be kissed xD
    I think I’ll keep the login ja.

  8. naughtiest says:

    You really should go get more~ lol It’s actually kinda fun when you can mix and match earrings in the morning ^^

    You will have to show me if you end up making those chibi T&T earrings! XD

    -__-” Should I hotline back home to ask if ‘someone’ would mind kissing sweet poopoo ka? bwahaha!! :P

    *runs like hell*

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