AdminBar, go away!

March 1, 2011 | et cetera |

Just spent almost 3 hours trying to get rid of the admin bar. Messed with all php and css files I could think off.

Almost went blind.

Should have googled it from the beginning. It’s under user profile. *headdesk*

Went to work since 6:30am today, sooooo sleepy. Boot Camp is going well, 2 more days!

Docked my laptop to the main projector while training the class. Got teased for DCook BLUE wallpaper.

Asked everyone, isn’t he cute? *lol*

Went to hot yoga after work. With my boss.. XD

He didn’t faint. I think he likes it *lol*

Met a coworker there. No, actually 2 coworkers. Will drag our HR lady along with us on Thursday.

YAY US for being healthy (or trying to)

Looking through some concert photos from 2009. I don’t even remember seeing some of them and I swear I didn’t take that many pictures (okay, maybe I did)

I need concerts in my life.

I want to see David Archuleta being all amazing.

I want to go to Japan for Takitsuba concerts T___T Why does Japan have to be so far away and why does airfare have to be so stinkin’ expensive?!

I want to see MWK rock the hell out.


Instead. I’m going to see Lea Salonga next week. oh well. My sister bought us tickets for NKOTBSB show too. I can’t remember when? *lol*



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