I got an email from my friend today and I was extremely pissed after reading it. Basically, my friend sent that girl a message, politely telling her remove that icon. And here’s the reply she got:

hiiii ohhh sorry it’s ur icon..O,O ohh i don’t know where i get it sorry..i love it so much tsu is so kawaii in it.. so sorry coz i use it,it’s cute..awwhha i can’t do cute icons(v.v)*sad* plez i only use it in here lj…
so u know it’s me now…plez can i use it in here???
(= ^ =);;thanxxxxxxx tell me?
we can be friends if u don’t mind..??
I’m tsubasa’s lover i’m rasha ^___^ hii…—> you r?
see ya
thanx bye
<name> xx

If you’re not going WTF?!, you have way better self control than I am.

At first, I totally wanted to strangle and shake some sense into her, but on a second thought, I seriously believed that she’s beyond cure. I’ve had quite a few experiences with personal icons got stolen, but at least all those people who did that removed my icon(s) once I asked them. I’ve never seen anyone try to drag on like this. I couldn’t even find the right adjective to use here. Shameless seems too nice for this hopeless case.

You may think I’m overreacting, but I can’t stand this kind of behaviors as it’s just so wrong.

Anyway, my friend sent her another message, telling her to remove the icon for the second time. Let’s see what’s her reply will be.


Yesterday, I locked this post in case her second reply to my friend would show some regret or something so I wouldn’t need to rant about it. *snorts* Guess what.. it turned out to be another WTF?!

ehhh oh ya i see..anyway i delete it,i don’t need it..
i will try do one for my self….so eough sending me massges tell me to delete it or remove it…AHHW ~_~
ur words was clear ,i get it..so don’t tell me that again it nothing to do all that…it’s just a icon.!!
so i remove my add to u as friend too..coz u don’t need it…OK! sorry

For crying out loud. This is unbelievable. What’s wrong with her and her attitude?

Just an icon? Is she even capable of distinguishing right from wrong? Stealing IS stealing, period. There’s no other explanation. Borrowing without permission? Bugging and forcing people’s hands to agree? Bullshit.

Since we’re at stealing issue. What else did she steal and brand it as her own, I wonder? Don’t tell me she bought everything she posted from JE shop or some other sellers/stores as I do not believe that a person who couldn’t buy T&T releases due to credit card issue can do that. Sorry. What about taking other’s stuff and put her own watermark on with a so-called ‘credit’ on her post? What kind of corrupted logic is that, can someone enlighten me?

Since this is personal and I do not want to give forum’s admin a headache, I’ll stick my post here. So if you’re her friend or a friend of her friend or whatever, feel free go tell her or tell that friend to tell her to come read this anytime, and a link to the list would be helpful for her/them to realize something too.

Though I doubt she will learn a thing as she’s never read anyway.

Seriously, I don’t really give a damn about her anymore. She’s way beyond beyond beyond my last straw.

Evidence: show

I’ve said my piece. I’m open for any perspective/thought/comment here. If you do not want to do so publicly, feel free to go to designated slapping area.

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2 Responses to [unlocked WT*?! post] and the icon stealer saga continues!

  1. Stephi-chan says:

    *akira shock*……seriously, I’m utterly shocked, but at the same time too, not surprised. *sigh* I had a feeling it was this person. Sorry for you and your friend.

    I think this particular person is just a really self-absorbed type of person who doesn’t care what she does to others in the process of getting what she wants…as long as she gets it. Period.

    She doesn’t own up to any wrongs that she commits. My argument with her in the forum over leeching and many other things is evidence of that, so I feel your pain. And her appologies are pretty much only to make the issue go away or cover up the fact that what she did was wrong…not that she really gives a damn about your feelings.

    If you don’t have anything she wants, she has no need for you basically.

    Her words about not “knowing how” or “being able” to make icons and such is utter bullshit, because I’ve seen her pass out things she’s made on the forum and sent to other fangirls. At least she SAYS she made them. Guess you really can’t trust her. Her watermark is on a TON of Jshop stuff I’ve seen posted around different fanblogs (things she’s emailed to certain fangirls) and different artworks…you have to wonder whose they were originally. (v__v)

    And taking back a friend add on LJ is really childish. o.O

    But no, I don’t think she’s sorry at all, because she knew what she was doing when she right clicked and chose “save picture as…”

    Sorry again for your troubles.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Naughtiest, i feel so incredibly bad for you and your friend.
    This is definitely not the first time we’ve had to deal with Ms. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s shit, so it makes this even more ridiculous.

    but for her to say such a thing…. i agree with Stephi-chan. How pathetic and childish… for a person in their 20’s!!! *tsk* seriously, wheres the logic in this?? ok i’ll steal your icon, pretend nothing ever happened, briefly apologize, friend you, defriend you, and then make you (the victim) the bad guy!!!

    this person gives everyone in the T&T community a bad name. And the fact that she claims she loves T&T/one of the T’s, but isnt willing to spend time or money into finding a legal way to get her slimy little fingers on some official merchandise… AND the fact that she expects people to sympathize with her “i cant buy anything because i dont have a credit card” excuse… AND not to mention how indescribably *annoying* her endless requests (and request reminders!!) are….

    omg, can we just put all of those bad eggs on a deserted island and blow it up with a bomb??

    Im not afraid of being the straight-forward bitch that i am. I am sick of this girl and her bff twin. Thanks to “fans” like them, bloggers, LJ-ers, and forum participants alike cant share their goodies without worrying about whether its gonna get stolen or miscredited!!

    the fandom was never so corrupted before these people appeared…
    i wish we could have our old fandom back (T_T)

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