the return of T&T header!

December 18, 2010 | header, ps-tt |

weeeeeeee~! ♥

A week late due to the attack of cold and allergy on top of a jet lag. Nasty. Then I couldn’t find my scanner so I had to bug my sister to drop hers off *lol* Anyway.


Or rather, a super simple header as usual. *lol* I think I like the cleanliness of this kind of headers a little too much.

All photos from Takitsuba Matsuri 2010 concert (DVD! DVD! coming January 2011! *bounces*). Thanks to A-san for fighting the crowd at Takeshita-dori with me for these (overpriced) photos *lol* All these hugs, glomps, on-stage wrestling, hand holding, and manhandling are killing me! I wanted to be at their concerts so so so very bad to witness this!

Speaking of fireman’s lift, I know Takki is strong but Tsubasa is not a tiny baby, eh? There’s a chance that they’ll both fall face/ass first in case any out-of-balance happens.

Here goes my theory: you do not carry someone on stage like that unless you’ve done it numerous times before. Practice makes perfect yo~ ♥

That T&T charm from the phone strap is my most favorite T&T concert good, ever.

T&T holding hands is my kink. ♥


2 Responses to the return of T&T header!

  1. Loonykat says:

    =That T&T charm from the phone strap is my most favorite T&T concert good, ever.=
    which one you referring to?

    And a grand welcome to T&T back to ur blog! XDDD Abt the hug, trust me cos I think Tsuba is as shock as all of us! haha.. his expression is priceless.. u sh see takki dearest smug face after that! XDDD

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