I got back from my vacation on Tuesday and went back to work right away (literally, since my flight landed at 9am, my dad picked me up and dropped me off at home, I took a shower and drove to work!)  since I ran out of my vacation time *lol* Exhausted is not enough to describe my status over these past few days.

Anyway, when I was in Japan, I asked A-san to pre-order Ai wa Takaramono jacket D for me ^__^ It was sent to A-san’s place on release day and she EMS’ed it to me last week (*inserts inside joke re: EMS and J-post* HA!) so the package was sitting on my desk when I got back from Thailand *BEAMS*

At first, I was going to skip all Arigatou special singles as they’re only exclusively available at the concert venues (Nagoya, Kobe and Yokohama). I hate Avex’s evil marketing strategy where fans had to pre-order the single to get this special single which may or may not contain a lucky ticket to go backstage.

Temptation won. I whined to Pluto and bugged (read: begged) A-san to get Nagoya version from Yahoo!Auction for me. Then I bugged my other friend to bug someone else for Kobe and Yokohama versions. FML. *headdesks*

So, here I am, a proud (read: poor *lol*) owner of these CDs. xD

Ai wa Takaramono

  • I love the simplicity. I love how we have a big ‘TACKEY & TSUBASA” with a tiny rainbow and an even tinier single name *lol*
  • Cover: I like jacket A and D the best. As I mentioned before, jacket A reminded me of BL manip I made, so no surprise! ♥  While jacket D has T&T floating happily together (me no approves of their outfit though. Dearest stylist, LESS is MORE~ *lol*)
  • Back: A&B. Together! As each emphasize Tackey and Tsubasa, so both jackets have to be together to get the full effect! I totally love the color scheme they used. T&T poses~ ♥
  • Inner-left: C! Because Tsubasa looks bout 16! HA!
  • Inner-right: A&B together. Same reasons as the Back!


  • OMG I could not believe it. Seeing a tiny photo on the internet is one thing, having them in my hands and see how HORRID these types are…. *faints*
  • Kobe is probably my most favorite in terms of composition and their outfits. Plus the fonts is almost bearable here.
  • Nagoya. Holy shit, is that Tsu’s fluffy leg hair?! OMG *dies laughing* Okay, maybe they really do need that giant fonts to distract us from that! *lol*
  • Yokohama. I actually like this one a lot because they’re really close and both didn’t look pissed but WTF with those red fonts?! meh meh MEH!!! >__<” and yes Tsubasa, you’re always the guilty party… ♥

Isn’t it kinda nuts?! All these for one release. Heck yeah, ONE release after 2½ years hiatus. Throw more versions at me and I’ll still get them all.

T&T, I only did this for you guys! *lol*

ps. BOLO for my new header this weekend~ ♥


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