Thanks to Tsubaholic for the 2nd Channel@ clip. m(_ _)m

When I saw it last night, I just had to do this. LOL At first I had a giant Takki doll on top of Tsu doll. It took me quite a while to make their sizes compatible, but Takki is still bigger… xD

sumo as I see it…


*runs like hell*


3 Responses to quick ‘n dirty PS job

  1. tsubaholic says:

    yes Takki should be bigger. XD
    Somehow the expressions on the dolls’ faces are perfect too!!!
    Tsuba’s going Ohhhhhh as Takki snickers and gleefully pushes his dessert down.
    Thanks for posting it up!!! wwwww

  2. Tongari says:

    LOL Takki looks like he’s about to ravish a surprised, but very willing Tsu.

    This is hilarious, good job. XDD

  3. naughtiest says:

    ROFL!! now we can watch a sumo match together as we’re seeing the same thing!
    I simply love how the dolls made eye contact too~

    Thanks guys!

    … In fact, these are such perverted dolls. They can represent something else too, huh?~ xD

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