[T&T] Ai wa Takaramono

November 22, 2010 | release, takitsuba |


A-san took me to Tower Records at Shinjuku today and I saw this!

OMG a definitely-shrieking-out-loud moment! *lol*

Let’s take a closer look~

*is dead*

There’s only jacket As on the shelf, so A-san asked the cashier dude about B and C. He told us they had them already, so he wandered off (for sooooooo long) to find both jackets for me *bounces* I guess they weren’t officially on sale yet, since another staff had to bring them to the cashier. (sorry for holding up the line, people. I have my priorities!)

So, that’s how I got all 3 jackets today~

A-san said I was beaming. ♥

I will edit this post (or maybe create a new one) once I get home (next month *lol*) and get my jacket D to add more pictures, but for now, my initial thoughts!

I totally love the design. It is simple. It really catches my eyes. I love the fact that the covers pay more attention to the unit name than the single name which is an A+ for me.

Takki looks a little vampire-ish on jacket C though *lol* way too pale. This is why I love Takki with darker hair color better.

So much love for the back of jacket A & B. Like. SO. MUCH. LOVE. ♥ Love the concept. Love their positions. Love the pastel rainbow colors.

Simply love the simplicity.

btw, jacket A reminds me of a silly manip I did eons ago~ XD whoever designed and decided on this final jacket version deserves a gigantic cookie from all BL fangirls!

oh oh! they don’t exactly look like a pair of soldiers on jacket C either! *lol*

Blue / Pink / Yellow CDs (totally didn’t expect yellow, I was guessing purple)

Right inserts for A&B are slightly different than the back covers.

Tsubasa looks about 16 on jacket C insert ^^

gotta go watch the DVDs, later peeps!


7 Responses to [T&T] Ai wa Takaramono

  1. Loonykat says:

    UWAH!!! I WANT THAT ADVERTISING BOARD!!!! YOU TOTALLY SH GRAB IT AND RUN!!! UWAH! Pls pls pls send me that picture! uWAHH… I bet we will both kyaaa crazily if we are together! Thanks for the preview! I still have to wait for the disc though.

    • naughtiest says:

      Hope you get your CDs soon!!

      • tsubaholic says:

        LOL me too. I wanna steal it. XD
        I envy people who work in record stores.
        There’s a Japanese Takki fan who has the poster cause she works at CD store, and she’s just so lucky. LOL

  2. luinlote says:

    Ahhh, I think I’d die from spazzing too much if I were in Japan right now and could go into Tower Records! XDD

    I just want to dance and scream and dance from having such massive love-shocks these past few days! XDDD Jacket A pic is forever looooooove!!!! And it’s even better as the picture of the release-stand!!! \^_^/

    • naughtiest says:

      All fangirls should be together in front of this new release stand. We’ll tear Tower Records down with our screams. *lol*

      I love how they chose to use this jacket A photo as a promo cutout board since it really does draw a lot of attention!!

  3. angky says:

    Whuaaaaa~~~~ sooooo lucky!!!!
    I want mine here tooooo~~~ ^ ^

    And that board doesn’t need anymore words.
    Just look at it and every feeling will flow just like that. fufufufufu~~~

    Rabu yo kono single!!! ^ v ^

  4. Avery says:

    Thanks for the preview! Can’t wait to receive them in the mail!!

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