November 14, 2010 | header, takitsuba |

A quick header change since I’m so on the other side of down~ ♥ Watched youtube clips of Archie’s performance in Singapore earlier this evening. He’s not real.

The next header will be T&T. Definitely T&T.

T&T is back. Like totally back after 2½ years of silence. I am so happy. It’s ridiculous. Just seeing them together can make feel this happy. All the news clips, newspaper, paparazzi photos are oozing off adorbness. I can hardly wait for the DVD (coming January 2011!! Thank you, Avex!!).

Takki manhandling Tsubasa is my new favorite thing. ♥

They are my favorites.

Sorry, DCook. Sorry NFT. Sorry DA. I love them more even though I can’t understand them. I still love you guys though. *lol*

This promo rush for Ai wa Takaramono single will be amazeball. Starting with SMAPxSMAP tonight (well, this morning! only T&T can make me wake up at 5am to watch a TV show!)

I love being a fangirl. ♥

In preparation for my trip right now. So many things to do. Only 2 days left.

Not yet ready. But I will be.

Life is good!


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  1. Katherine says:

    So did you catch smapxsmap? lol! My tvkeyhole keep jamming and the sound are faster then the video! sigh.. I hope someone put up HD version soon. Anyway, there’s ALOT of ongoing bangumi this month.. We are so busy~ LOL! Waiting to see ur new header yo~

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