12 bullets

June 24, 2008 | et cetera |

I was in a workshop last week and got a chance to read an article about how multi-tasking is actually making you stupid (or less efficient).


I usually think about 12 things while doing 3 things all at the same time.


Let’s see. A dozen of thoughts ATM — some are ongoing as I could never figure it out :P

  • How on earth did those paparazzi take a clear shot picture in low light concert hall without being caught? This one is really bugging me. What kind of camera did they use? It has to be a small one right? But small one sucks in terms of resolution and performance in low light condition?! Anyway, I want one that works!! (and yes, I do think that some of those paparazzi out there have to be concert staff themselves ^^”)
  • How about famcam? Which one is a good spy cam? I still insist that the entire fandom should pitch in and buy one, so whoever goes to the concert can film it since we never know which concert will be officially released ^^”
  • FLASH! All of the sudden I want to be able to make flash -“- no, I don’t want a flash-heavy website or anything, I just want to know how to make it ^^” So, I googled it up and stumbled upon sessions.edu. A certificate program looks really cool, Boeing will pay for it, but I’ll have to pay tax myself… which will be around $1600+ considered the damn expensive tuition…. $1600…. that’s 2 round trip tickets to Japan during low season….. plus I haven’t really planned on changing my career from finance to art.. (but again, who knows?)
  • Saw some cute earrings at ETSY, now I want to learn how to make beads jewelry. What a hopeless impulse driven me?
  • Do you think I can sell my photos?
  • 26 album, I really really want 26 album this year. What should the title be? 2 our 6th anniversary? or just simply TWENTY SIX (I still love Tsubaholic’s together having six — definitely brilliant!)
  • I started thinking about what to do for T&T 6th anniversary and came up with a bunch of random ideas, which expanded into a couple of larger ideas. I need scope management! And more TIME!
  • I want to make we-support-T&T goodies. Something like I ♥ NY t-shirt ^^; I think it might be cute if a lot of fans show up at the concert wearing the same stuff (of course, I’ll still buy their concert t-shirt lol) Or maybe a jewelry, say bracelet, necklace, etc.. possible? yes/no?
  • Am I overdosing myself with Advil again?
  • Lightroom rocks!
  • How many days I can take off this December? I’ll definitely need more than 2 weeks to go home, Japan and Singapore. And probably Laos.. xD
  • Speaking of that, airfare is a bitch T___T

I should go to bed.


4 Responses to 12 bullets

  1. いちゃん Un*-* says:

    こんにちは おねえさん!
    いちねんくらい。いつあなたのにほんをいく? わたしはあいたいです。

  2. いちゃん Un*-* says:


  3. naughtiest says:

    หมูแดง!! มาเป็นญี่ปุ่นเลยน้องตู บ่นไรฟะ ฮา
    อิจฉาเฟ่ย คนอยู่ญี่ปุ่น เอิงอยู่แถวไหนอ่ะ พี่กะจะไปแถบๆ โตเกียว (โยโกฮามา to be exact) ช่วงคริสต์มาส อาจจะซัก 5-7 วัน ไปอยู่กะเอิงได้มั้ย? (แบบว่าจน ฮา)
    สู้ๆนะจ๊ะ หมูแดง คิดถึงน้า

  4. bunsie says:

    i always wondered about those paparazzi shots too o.o how do they do it? how come johnnys doesn’t shut down their sales? i think i always assumed that the “paparazzi” shots in concerts were actually still authorized and photographed by staff or they pay some sorta fee to take them.

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