June 18, 2008 | header, ps-tt, takki |

New header. A color one for a change, after almost 6 months of B&W. The silly one might come back again though! xD

Don’t molest my banner yo! LOL

Tried a bunch of different things this time, playing with layers and textures was kinda fun. I ended up with 40+ layers for this banner LOL well, a couple of layers were hidden though ;) I decided to go with warm tone this time as I think grayish blue (or blueish gray) made Tono look kinda tired and too pale.

BTW, Tono’s pinky is kinda crooked eh? Was it broken/fractured when he’s a kid? ^^”

One problem I’ve encountered lately is that graphics look totally different on a PC and a Mac. I had to drag my photoshop screen back and forth between my iMac and external monitor to compare. Then I had to turned on my old laptop and desktop PC to check it again. ^^” No wonder, Flowerypoopoo-san, my mac geek friend, told me that I’m doomed for life once I switched to Apple products! XD

Anyway, does anyone know how to make flash? I want to make a flash file but currently have no clue LOL Is there any online site I can go get a crash course?

Midweek already. I’ve been waking up late almost everyday. Weather doesn’t help either. It’s super cold every night and morning that I still have to wear sweatshirt to bed -“- For crying out loud, it’s supposed to be the first day of summer at the end of the week and I still feel like winter time minus snow (well, if you want to count pollen as snow… then it’s a full blown winter! First year I’d ever had allergy, and it’s a pain in the butt.. T__T)


5 Responses to header-mania~

  1. mich says:

    very very pretty and sweet header yo!!!! *melts*

    lol~ i din notice takki’s pinky until now! and… my right pinky is kinda bent too, result of a backflip landing that went wrong haha… so tono’s might have been the same case (since he did loads of backflips when he was younger)…

    ahhh.. talking about flash, my boss is sending us for a flash cs3 course @apple next month! can’t wait ne!! i was still telling my colleague that if i can’t wait to learn it!!! flash headers are so pretty desho xD

  2. naughtiest says:

    thanks mich! I was taking a screencap and went: wait a second, Tono, what’s wrong with your pinky?! XD backflip-gone-wrong kinda makes sense ne ;)

    AHHHH!!! Flash CS3!! Lucky you! Now I know who to bug after next month! lol I was thinking about flash header too xD

  3. bunsie says:

    ahh! i never noticed about his pinky, but now i can’t stop staring at it o.o

  4. naughtiest says:

    lol his emo expression was so distracting that we didn’t even notice to his pinky even though it’s up front, almost poking into our eyes~! XDD

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    Did he break his pinky when he was younger?? I never noticed it till now either. =P
    Kirei header. I love his pose and the textures.

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