A temp header. I was thinking about replacing it with a real one, but decided to leave it up for a couple of days as I’m in a silly mood this week.

I got an ergonomic chair for my office last week (or was it two weeks ago?), a Steelcase Leap chair in petite size. Holy, I LOVE MY CHAIR! It’s soooooo comfortable that I really want one at home. But when I googled it up, I almost fainted. The price range was around $850-$1,300, depended on sellers. urr… at that price, I’d rather go see T&T and have a backache for life yo! XDD

Curiosity kills the cat. Here goes:

  • I just couldn’t let this point go, either Tsu changed his tanktop/t-shirt 3 times a day, or the girl wear only one style of outfits (well, maybe two, but that’s on a different day) LOL
  • How could she live in a house that big all by herself? Ok, she could move around just fine since she’s used to it, but what about food? Ramen delivery? xD
  • Did she just happen to have a bunch of white angel figurines all around the house, or was it just one of them represented Takki in the room?
  • Did the girl hear the piano sound when she looked up, or did she just want to look up and go grab the artwork at that moment? Because if I hear a piano sound out of nowhere when I’m alone, I’d have jumped. lol
  • Why wouldn’t someone who’s blind called her childhood friend to pick her up, instead of going out by herself? I know he was pissed earlier, but still.. he wouldn’t mind coming eh?
  • when angel!Takki picked the phone up from the street, did people around him see a flying cellphone? xD
  • Tsuba-chan~~~ why did you have to close that door when you’re going inside that place during such a hurried moment like that? ;) I still think it’d make more sense if he dragged her inside instead of just go get a towel ^^”
  • ((BTW, where did they find that boy? xD ))
  • Seeing a love(?) letter with fluffy feather on her desk like that, shouldn’t she freak out that someone was inside her house? lol
  • Last but not the least, what does ex-angel!Tono do for a living? Obviously, he can’t just walk around like that everyday, he’s got to do something right? How about joining the Jimusho? XD

Anything else? ^^

Father’s day, yesterday.

The last round of the 108th US Open was the most exhausting golf game to watch ever. Bad Back Rocco vs (literally) Handicapped Tiger ^^” Of course, we’ve always rooted for Tiger Woods, but we had to admit that he made a bunch of weird choices yesterday and was not up to his standard at all (yes, with only one healthy leg, it’s hard to be normal ^^”). Towards the end of the game, my dad started saying that he wanted Rocco to win since he’d never won a Major title before. Yeah, we could say that but deep down inside, we still hoped Tiger would wave his magic wand (urr.. club) again. And he did!!! He sank a 12-foot birdie putt at the 18th to force the playoff. Holy smoke! G-God must’ve really wanted him to win!

AND HE DID!!!! @&#%$^#%#*@(&!!!!

OMG! After 19-hole playoff! mah, watching live scoreboard from the office wasn’t as much fun as watching the actions on TV though.

BTW, score for both Tiger and Rocco for 4 rounds (Thu-Sun): 283

This magic number is freakin’ haunting, isn’t it?! XDD

After the game, I took my parents out to dinner last night at a (fusion) Vietnamese restaurant. Oh boy, I want more of that duck salad :)~

We then came home to watch the Celtics lost. A fixed game, if you ask me (or anyone LOL). I think they want to go back and win at home. Plus, they can sell more hotdogs, popcorns and beers that way! XD *runs*

Watched The Bucket List tonight, really like it. I bawled. ^^”


3 Responses to *silly alert* Koiuta mini drama – unanswered questions

  1. simone says:

    I asked myself some of the same questions. In particular: he is solid enough to play a note on the piano, or push the paper towards her, or pick up and use the cell phone, but she walks through him. Something doesn’t compute.
    Then I wondered if he talked on the phone: at first I thought he did not, and Shinji/Tsu would know it came from the girl because it was her phone. But then, how would he know where to go find her?
    I am afraid I didn’t pay attention to Tsubasa’s clothes, nor did I worry about ex-angel’s Takki’s future life. I think it would be like in “Heaven can wait”, when the hero remembers nothing of his previous life but is at the end in the body of someone his personality fits: Takki???
    I guess one has to take the whole thing on faith and just enjoy it.

  2. Bonnie says:

    omg LOLLL i cracked up at the angel figurine question.
    mostly cause it reminded me of a recent shop photo… (check email)

    oooo~~ but i have a question!

    Why is Angel!Takki in an armani suit when all the angel figurines are naked??

  3. naughtiest says:

    I totally agreed with your conclusion! over analizing things makes my head hurt sometimes xD

    ahh phone, I’m wondering about that too! I guess Tsu assumed it’s the concert place as i really don’t think angel!Takki could talk on the phone (but again, he could pick it up, so maybe he can do everything LOL) Or… maybe Tsu just knew since T&T could understand each other without saying a word? XDD *runs*

    ROFL!!! The answer to that question will have to be on an NC-17 rated mini drama yo! XD
    ahhhhh~ that photo is cute!

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