Itchy fingers. Just a couple of things I want to write down.

I do not know and I’m pretty sure no one knows, whether uploading official releases actually helps or hurts T&T. Fans will always have different opinions on this issue which always create unnecessary tension within this lovely fandom.

There is no official rule on this kind of things. You’ll never get a clear cut instruction on this issue. It’s more like a common sense and proper etiquette, along with respect for artists and other fans around you, especially forum/community owner who, well, owns the space.

If you’re totally supporting the uploading idea, there’s no need to push that idea onto others to make them agree with you in the forum where the admin clearly stated his/her policy against this kind of acts. For instance, if you desperately want to upload files (for whatever reasons), go do it privately or at your own personal blog. No, I still don’t support your actions, but I’m not going to butt in since it’s a personal choice you made on your personal space.

I know we cannot stop uploaders, no matter what. Personally, I don’t really mind too much with older releases (though if you ask me, I’ll point you to online sellers as I love holding these CDs/DVDs in my hands and drool properly rather than having just electronics copies), but seeing new stuff popped up so fast (while we don’t usually get clips of T&T appearance on TV shows at that speed) totally sucks.

Anyway, I’d rather spend my time enjoying and admiring T&T’s hard work, rather than repeatedly discussing the same thing over and over again as I think it’s not worth our time, energy and sanity to go over this topic every single time our beloved boys release something.

One thing I know for sure though — sarcastic comments are not helping them in any way. The more we discuss about this, the more frustrated most people become, every time. Some people are so gifted with words, and able to write beautifully wordy comment that’s difficult to understand (maybe I can blame it on my eng-rish as language barrier is another factor). Some people just love to jump in and throw their sarcasm at others without even reading the entire discussions. Also, there’s no need to get so emotional trying to protect your butt by screaming at people if you haven’t done anything wrong. In Thai sayings, we called it “a cow with a wounded back(a person who has done something wrong and deeply feared that people would discover it, just like a cow knew the wound was on its back but couldn’t cover it and freaked out every time the crow flew by that the black bird would tear its fresh out.. something like that — LOL Thai idiom a day lesson!).

In the end, the result is nothing short of an upset fandom.

Non-T&T fans out there will probably snicker at us, or snort when seeing those kinds of comments, or even possibly laugh when seeing our boy’s sales figures after all the so-called discussions we always have.

That, I believe, hurts Takitsuba.

I’m proud to be their fan, and it has nothing to do with their sales figures or stupid rankings. After all, Oricon chart is just another damn unfair numbers. Quality definitely beats quantity in my book. And that’s what’s counted.

I hate spoilers.

Luckily, this time I managed to avoid them before I got my CDs.

Last week, prior to Koiuta released date, there’s a major stir at the forum. I can understand how fans were overly excited about this first single in almost a year, especially with something special like mini drama, and wanted to be the very first to tell/write/post/report to the world. Even before the official released date.

Good intention can simply turn bad (or worse) with bad timing and improper approach.

This is where I think CDJapan rocks (we got our CDs super fast YAY!) and sucks (it made some people get their CDs faster while being less considerate, and rips appeared prior to official release date, damnit!) at the same time.

Posting spoilers in public without proper warnings or telling someone about the ending (without asking whether or not that person wanted to know it in the first place) is super ebil. In general, not only here in this fandom. It’s like when you’re excitedly going to a movie that you’ve been waiting for, and the one particular dude who sat right in front of you kept telling his/her friend, loudly, what’s going to happen next just because that dude had seen this movie during the premier. Or when you first read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and another dude just had to come along and tell you that *beeps* who happened to be your favorite character *grumbles* died before you finished the book. Anticlimax, isn’t it? Probably make you want to strangle the dude(s) at that moment. I don’t think you want that to happen to you, right?

Lessons learned. I believe.

Lastly, I still stand by my post from a couple months ago:

10 annoying things people should avoid doing

Now, throw being extremely immature, jumping to the conclusion without trying to understand what’s going on, shamelessly begging, and being sacarstic without good reasons on top of that list too. *runs*

BTW, can I emphasize on emoji abuse again? :P

^^” … much longer than I expected, and pretty much unorganized. If you’re still reading, thanks for bearing with me. m(_ _)m

Any thoughts? Comments are more than welcome as it’s always nice to hear other’s POVs too. :)


7 Responses to [fandom related thoughts] uploading/spoilers/etc.

  1. mich says:

    u know, i agree with absolutely everything u wrote above. it’s EXACTLY how i feel ne~ i think i can safely say that i have the same stand as you on this issue XD

  2. naughtiest says:

    lol thank you mich, I’m glad my randomness make sense~ *stands next to mich* btw I think this means we’re thinking pretty much alike (or we’re equally random?) XDD

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    I agree with everything too. I’m one of the ones against posting official releases for distribution. It’s just not fair to anyone. I’m glad someone believes in the same things as me because sometimes it feels lonely.
    I know what you mean about all the ugliness in the forum…I regret not keeping my mouth shut in a couple of threads, but eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    But anyway, I’m glad I was able to stay away from major spoilers too, because when I finally got my CDs, watching the mini-drama was all the sweeter.

    I agree with you too about having the CD/DVDs in your hands and not electronic copies…that feeling just can’t be replaced…the kyaaaing/drooling/nosebleeding. XD

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Tongari says:

    It’s really controversial… whether or not it helps T&T. I still don’t know whether or not I support it, because I do download a lot… and if I really like the music, I buy it later on. So I really don’t know where I stand on this. I got into T&T by downloading. XD

    But i definitely agree with the private uploading thing!

    As for the discussion, I agree. I just never, ever think before I post, so I spew all this nonsense ughh. Sorry to anyone who bashed their head in reading my crap. *retarded* I’ve given up on the topic of “what helps T&T” because who REALLY knows anyway? But for sure, it doesn’t help T&T when we’re throwing our opinions at everyone’s faces like they’re more valid. It makes the fandom look so bad.

    I agree with the spoilers… errrrr, I don’t even like it when people make like graphics and stuff from the PV and everything. It really spoils things. :[

    I believe there’s an issue with how to post as well. PLEEEEEEAAAASEEEE OMGGGG jfhdhsfhdfdgsjs kind of posts are SO annoying. I won’t name anyone, but we all know the people guilty of this. And it is really, really grating on my nerves. Emoticons (though blinding), I can tolerate, but wth that’s just illegible.

    …Begging is a problem, too, it seems… :/ Shamelessness is not cool.

    Ahh, sorry for this tl;dr comment. XD Personally, I love reading what others have to say on fandom issues without any wank or drama or anything, so wooooooo! Thank you for posting… cordially! XD

  5. simone says:

    I agree with you. I liked the uploads of clips, because they actually made me want to get Jacket A & B, when probably otherwise I would have tried to save money (although it is hopeless) and just bought Jacket C. After all, they are advertisements. But I am certainly opposed to uploading the whole thing before it has been distributed for a long time.

    I was actually very frustrated for a while because my Koi Utas only arrived today (!!*XXDame***!!! to HMV). Leaping Lucas warned of spoilers, but then, curiosity got the better of me…Well, I loved it anyway when I finally got to watch it.

    For my part, I am like you and have to have the actual DVD or CD. When I first discovered Takki, I watched his TV series on YouTube or Crunchyroll(after all, they are several years old). But then, I bought them one by one.

    Where you hit the nail on the head, so to speak, is about personal and sarcastic comments. I think they should not be posted on a forum. Communicate them to your personal friends if you want. I think good manners is also respecting other people’s preferences and opinions.

    Now I have said my piece too. Thanks for posting this.

  6. naughtiest says:

    Thanks for your comment! As for the forum debate, it’s pretty much a never ending story, just like trying to figure who was born first between egg and hen xD I, for one, was too tired to jump in since everyone has their own standpoint and it’s not going to change easily with mere discussion IMO.

    I just love reading your comments! ^^ I got into T&T because of youtube! Also, I’m guilty of making graphics too ^^”

    ROFL, your example of annoying post cracks me up! XDD I’m totally with you on this one! It makes endless/shameless begging 10000x worse.. -“-

    Big thanks for your comment! *hugs*

  7. naughtiest says:

    *pets* we’re such a bunch of hopeless fans with no self control! XD I think the reason we had a lot of issues this time was because of super speedy CDJapan. Their timing kinda blew everything off ^^” (ahh HMV… I stopped ordering stuff from them since a package from them always came in a very bad shape, hence damaged T&T goodies! *screams* -“-)

    Yeah, those kinds of comments really gave T&T fandom a bad name. Respect really is a big key.

    And thank you so much for your comment! :)

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