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Boonward Brewery, the owner of Singha beer, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2008. The company decided to express their appreciation to customers (mainly Thai restaurants) around the world by hosting, for the first time, a world tour concert at Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London, along with concerts throughout Thailand.

Therefore, Asanee and Wasan Chotikul, brothers and a super famous rock band, were selected as a brand ambassador, due to their hard working background to reach this success point that fitted perfectly with Singha image and history of a fighter.

A song “Khon Huajai Singha” (Singha at heart, aka Lion’s heart) was written to celebrate this year anniversary.

Asanee and Wasan were my idols growing up (umm, along with some boybands, I confess ^^”). Their songs are really nice. Even though they’re not really an entertainer type as they’re both so shy, they are true performers.

When we first heard about this tour concert. My brother, sister and I agreed on spot, we MUST go, no matter what.

The concert was free as Singha sponsored everything (we just needed to ballot for the tickets) but a trip from Seattle to LA wasn’t! We flew down there Thursday morning as the concert was held that night. Yes, inconvenient Thursday night! Such an odd day to have a night concert that would end right around midnight. Maybe it’s the only slot they could fit in, or maybe it’s just cheaper to rent the place during the week. LOL

Nokia Theatre LA Live, across the street from Lakers’ home, Staples Center was the venue for the night. Yup, the place where they had American Idol this year. Very gorgeous place. Too nice, to be exact. We couldn’t get closer to the stage as they’re tons of guards waving everyone back to their seats. On the other hand, New York concert was held on Sunday 6/8 at Terminal 5, a standing hall, and according to my sister’s friend, it’s much more fun with tons of encores as no one wanted to leave, we should have gone to NY instead T__T

Anyway, back to LA.

The balloting didn’t work out quite well. So we contacted my brother’s friend who worked with the artists. She managed to find us really nice tickets… Orchestra E… the 5th row from the front. SUPER CLOSE! *faints* It was such a nice feeling going to a Thai concert as I hadn’t been to one in such a long time. The number of Thai people scared me though LOL 5,000+ showed up that night, largest gathering in the US ever! ^^

Asanee & Wasan were super brilliant (except for when Asanee almost caused a chaos, with good intention though xD). Almost three hours of absolutely LIVE concert, fully packed with their greatest hits for the past 20+ years. Should I mention that they’re both in their 50’s already? xD They sang every song live and never missed a note, not even when singing chorus! *salutes*

It was so much fun, singing, dancing and waving our hands along with every single song. Dang, I should have brought my T&T popsicle penlight! XD We were allowed to take pictures which proved a super hard thing to do with P&S camera, and made me wonder how the hell could all paparazzi do that?! Btw, my sister also got a Press badge, but the guard still wouldn’t let her leave her seat, so what’s the difference between ‘press’ and regular audience anyway? xD

This trip was very well worth. Every.Single.Penny.

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2 Responses to [concert] Singha World Tour at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

  1. tintin says:

    แค่อ่านก็สนุกแล้วน้า ^^ เสียดายติ้นกลับซะก่อน ไม่งั้นได้เจอพี่หยกแน่เลย งี้ดๆๆ

  2. naughtiest says:

    สนุกสุดๆจริงๆ ไปปล่อยแก่ กร๊ากกกก ร่ำไร..ไม่ลืมมมมมมมม อยากไปดูอีกเฟ่ย~~~
    ปลายปีนี้มีคอนเสิร์ตส่งท้ายที่ลาว ไปมะ? ฮาา

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