Had something to take care at home yesterday, so I decided to stay home a little longer and wait for EMS before heading to work. My mail carrier must have thought that I was nuts. She knocked on my door, I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, yanked the door open, and reached out for my package with both hands. She giggled and said: oh, I must be at the right place! XDD *nods rapidly while smiling like a lune*

I ran back upstairs, teared all the packing tape apart, and had all 3 CDs in my hands *purrs* I didn’t get a chance to drool over them yet as I had to run to my office for meetings, but I was super happy already, knowing that my CDs were sitting in my bedroom, safe and sound. *beams*

The best thing was I didn’t have to groan in agony when I come back home and see “sorry, we’ve missed you!” note from USPS and have to wait another day or two for my package! (which is my usual ritual between me and the post office LOL)


I made a silly comment back in January during One! release that I expected something in June for my mom’s birthday. Well, since her b’day doesn’t fall on Wednesday this year, I’d say June 4th is close enough! XD

My thoughts on this single, long and definitely full of spoilers, proceed at your own risk.



Paper quality is definitely better, so I guess Avex did go learn how to work with paper from NHK, but there’s still a giant room for improvements, they still need more classes on booklets/inserts! XD

I love the simplicity of all discs ^^ one thing though, they could have used different finished for the dvds (disc 2). Having them both in glossy white is a bit confusing. Oh well, yeah, I know we can look at the AVCD number, but still… they could have done the same thing as disc 1 ne, matted and shiny, something like that. The teardrop inside 詩 is pretty and very outstanding on disc B1 ^^

And I totally love the disclaimers on all discs.

All rights of the record producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

Jacket A:

  • Nice cover and backcover shots! I really like how Takki looked on the cover even though he’s kinda blurry. BTW, Tono in the background even has bigger nose than Wing-san in the foreground ne. *runs like hell*
  • ♥ I really love their outfits here! Especially Takki’s jacket because I’m insanely crazy about jacket with arm stripe(s) *looks at closet -“- shakes head* And that white shirt.. naked nymph-peacock hybrid? nudity nudity! PG-13!! XD
  • Very nice and soft lighting which I like far better than those overexposure by spotlights with T&T-soldiers-standing-right-next-to-each-other-looking-pissed kinda shots *runs*
  • Quick question, were they in a bookstore or a library of some sorts? (very unorganized one, I must say lol) There’re at least 20+ American Tradition hardcovers along with a bunch of First Aid books. And I should stop right here before I type out my perverted deductive reasoning about these books. LOL
  • Inside, I like the props photos idea. The shear white curtain kinda screams ‘intimate‘ at me for some reasons.. heeee~
  • Also, can someone tell me where on the settings did that flower vase come from? I couldn’t find it anywhere. ^^
  • Tsu looked very good on the booklet (should I even call this thing a booklet? It’s actually a piece of folded paper~ ^^”), however Takki looked seriously skinny. His prominent cheekbone makes his cheek disappeared even more… *winces*
  • Even blue is one of my favorite colors, I wouldn’t really think of using a paper this blue for a love letter! xD oh well, it’s matched with the poster on the jacket and it’s kinda balanced out jacket C bright magenta pink, so I guess it works ^^
  • I kinda wish the ‘love letter’ yield more personal feel/touch though. At first, I thought about something like old letters, sepia-ish color with T&T handwritings. That would be perfect. Come on, Avex, you can print Takki’s letter and Tsu’s letter, and make us hunt down both versions, right? Why didn’t you think about this before?! xD

Jacket B:

  • The music sheet is LOVE! Time to bug my brother for guitar lesson!
  • But, I don’t really like this jacket ^^” ouch! no rotten stuff allowed!
  • Maybe it’s just me, unless T&T had been crying all night or didn’t get any sleep because they’re busy *beeps*ing which is very understandable under any circumstance xD, I think the cover’s been overly photoshop-ed, probably to remove their under-eye bags. Or maybe it’s the makeup? I don’t know, their eyes looked very strange to me..
  • Yeah, I’d say photoshop overloaded. >”<
  • As for their outfits, Tsu looked seriously yummy. I wish Takki wear a shirt instead.. like what he wore for Hey!x3, I mean he looked great here, but super kakkoii wearing a white shirt and button up vest. Yes, I want to hide his collarbone too ^^”
  • I found it seriously cute that there’s a story/photo book ((it didn’t really look like a manga to me)) on Takki’s side of the table, while VOGUE was on Tsu’s side LOL

Jacket C:

  • I so totally love the simplicity of it but for the life of me I still couldn’t figure the concept behind (besides pink world, of course! LOL) but it think it will stand out on the shelf and will stir some curious minds ^^
  • that pink teardrop on white background was cute ^^
  • and I really like the font placement on the disc itself.
  • I love T&T pix inside! ♥ They both looked sooooooo good! better yet, they should have held hands! LOL



  • KoiUta
    Being a sucker for ballad, I totally love this song ever since I heard it a month ago. ♥ Though I felt like it’s not quite strong enough to be a single by itself. It doesn’t have a kick of a giant hit, I don’t know how to explain..^^” But I love it, so what?! It’s just perfect for my listening style. Plus, the drama made this song so special already ^^
    Exercise song. LOL I can run for hours (urr, maybe not that long) listening to this song, it just makes me pump up! Very catchy. At first, I think lots of us hoped for a sexy kakkoii kind of songs, myself included. I was hoping that PROGRESS would tell us intimate story about T&T’s, heh, progress! LOL But I did prep myself for kiddy song since I learned about it being Waseda Academy theme song, so this wasn’t much of a surprise xD
  • Yakusoku ~Last~
    I always thought that they could have done something with World Wing and Flower Song during concert, but I was thinking about a medley. So, when I heard this song from kuricon 2007 recording for the first time, I went something like: ehhh this is not Takki’s Flower Song?!, then I heard Tsu’s voice, then I realized it’s Yakusoku T&T version! and I bounced to Pluto! LOL Super happy that it got released!
    First reaction: am I in a theme park or what? Then I realized, ahh close enough if I’m playing Wii!! LOL My confession is that I’d never really paid attention to this song during Wii CM, so when I heard it from jacket C, it’s like a huge question mark smacked me on my forehead xD If PROGRESS is a kiddy song, GLORY DAYS is a baby song! LOL I can so totally see them wearing silly mascot outfits running around. ^^”


Acoustic PV

  • Purple teardrop!
  • So many nice shots throughout the entire PV! Somehow that soft effect kinda worked, except when T&T faces were blurry though LOL
  • I melt when they touched their faces and chests *purrs*
  • Takki reaching his hand out towards the end still kills me every time ^^


Mini Drama

  • If I really have to come up with one word to describe this 20-min drama: EMO! XD
  • Takitsuba both had important roles in this drama, but I felt that Takki’s role was more impactful ever since I learned about his role as an angel.
  • I ♥ Takki’s narrative voice ^^
  • The angel-touch sound effect made me giggle a bit, but I really like it when that piece of red paper got brighter (or should I say darker? it’s more color!) when Takki touched it. Brilliant!
  • Very nice touch with that guitarist!
  • I was hoping we could see Takki on the stairs (aka his usual spot LOL) when Tsu came inside the house ^^; (not just white angel figurine ← which popped up everywhere! xD)
  • Takki looked soooo kakkoii wearing suit and tie like this. Perfect black hair~ ♥ And he’s SUPER EMO! Again, I love his eyes… so emotional ne, especially after the girl walked through him, look how sad he was!! Heartbreaking! *bawls*
  • The girl won me over when she cried! I actually liked her from the beginning, but I think she looked pretty crying!
  • chibi!Shinji was so cute! especially when he tried to blow that balloon! XDD
  • Tsu looked sooooo soooooooo soooooooo good. His acting was actually pretty nice. But I cracked up every time I saw his jogging scene. And it’s so funny when he hurried inside to get a towel, if I were him, I wouldn’t even think about reaching back to close the door at that moment!
  • Kiss scene! I adore this scene!!! I love the fact that it’s in slow motion, then all sounds dropped and there’s a slight pause there. Like the world stopped moving for that split second. ^^
  • Okay, vanishing angel was a nice idea, but the wings.. THE INSTANT WINGS! Why couldn’t they make it a little more real? Something, softer and not so anime-ish! Like those wings with some feathers flying around when spreading? Come on, they had a fluffy soft looking feather on that note! LOL
  • Thank goodness I managed to avoid all those spoilers. x_X’ I thought angel!Takki had really disappeared, seeing the note and feather like that, but when I saw Tsu and the girl walking together and that white pants, those legs, OMG I screamed before I even saw his head! Maybe it’s the bicep effect xD I really like the way he looked at them at the end too, kinda longing (for his Wing? XD).
  • BTW, I think that angel!Takki standing there watching Tsu and the girl in the rain (before the vanishing scene) was actually a CG? So there’s only one scene at the end where real T&T in the same frame?
  • Now, logic talk, this PV happened during the course of how many days? The girls always wore the same outfit when she’s with Tsu (except the last scene), but Tsu has changed at least 3 different T-shirts? Speaking of a fashion queen huh?! xD
  • oh oh!! I want that music box version of KoiUta!!



A very nice single ← yes, biased, so? xD I still hold my first thought, the song KoiUta doesn’t have a big-hit kick, but it fits perfectly as the type of songs I love. YAY!

I hope they’re doing well on the chart *crosses fingers* Refreshing Oricon is a pretty nerve wrecking activity to do first thing in the morning ^^”

If you read to this point and haven’t bought this brilliant single yet, I’ll make it easy for you ^^

Jacket A: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket B: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket C: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV


Last but not the least…




2 Responses to [T&T] KoiUta/PROGRESS

  1. mich says:

    trying my luck again *fingers crossed*

    i can’t agree with u more on re the drama! haha~ I love the girl when she cried! and when she finally laughed too. and the music box version of Koi uta!!! it makes the last scene so good~ esp when takki slow-mo-ed away!! KYAAA~~ (but was that CGed? I need to go back and watch that scene again tonight hehe) xDD

  2. naughtiest says:

    *kicks server*

    oh no no, i mean the scene before angel!Tono disappeared, when he looked at Tsu & the girl in the rain, I think that one was CGed ^^

    I love slow-mo scene(s) too!!! It just made everything emo, intense and so good! XDD

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