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October 6, 2010 | david archuleta, x japan |

So, we had a group meeting today, did some training, my boss showed us some photos from his trip. Awesome.

Then, he asked for my blog address so we could take a look at my X Japan photos. As soon as my blog loaded and my boss saw my new header..

boss: *rolls eyes* Archuleta?
me: *beams* YES!
boss: really?!
boss: and you made this? *points at header*
me: yup, and the wallpaper too!! *bounces*

I could tell he gave up on me already *lol*

Let’s say that it was one of the most hilarious 20 minutes we had at the office! My boss made fun of everything X JAPAN and my coworkers just cracked up.

  • when I told them that these guys are 44 years old (with one 41), they wouldn’t believe it
  • they look really tall, but the truth is because they’re skinny *lol*
  • everyone agreed that Toshi is short because his head is big and he’s chubbier than the others XD
  • Yoshiki = vampire.
  • Pata = polka dot pants.
  • debating whether Pata or Heath is skinnier *lol*
  • I told them why Yoshiki wears a neck brace, and my boss said, no he wears it because he’s 44. *dies laughing*
  • I was drooling over Sugizo’s shirt and the sight of his body, and they just laughed #SoLongProfessionalism
  • made fun of Art of Life, why the heck it’s half an hour long? *lol*
  • told them the concert was almost 2 hours, my boss took a look at the set list, and said something along this line: 10 songs in 2 hours?! (I told him each song was REALLY long and the encore was 10 minutes already!!)
  • had to explain repeatedly how HUGE they are in Japan ^^;
  • etc etc

Next, my boss went to YouTube to check them out! We watched a bit of Endless Rain from LA Showcase, then X from Chicago. Boss is not a fan *boo*

So, I grabbed my phone, opened iTunes and FORCED everyone to listen to Archie’s new album. *lol*

And I had my light bulb moment of the day..

me: his (Archie’s) album just came out, and he’s going on tour soon
boss: oh yeah?
me: ooooh IF he comes here when I’m not in town, I mean not in the country… I DELEGATE YOU TO GO TO HIS CONCERT FOR ME~
boss: WHAT?!
coworkers: *cracks up*
me: PLEASEEEEEEEEE I’ll buy you concert ticket and you’ll just have to go take awesome pictures (he’s a really amazing photographer), and record everything for me!
coworker: (to boss) see, she’ll give you her ticket.

My boss probably wanted to strangle me at that moment. *lol*

Meeting adjourned!

Anyway, came home just in time for David’s ustream chat. Too adorb for my heart ♥

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