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I found out about X Japan North American tour less than 2 weeks before the show. No, that’s not true, I knew they would be having a US tour but I didn’t know they’d come to Seattle. So when I looked at their website and found a SEATTLE date on the list, I shrieked. *lol* Granted that I’m not a big X fan, but I did listen to their music a lot throughout my college year (since it’s easier to focus on my study when I didn’t understand what I was listening to, make sense? *lol*)

My sister (who deserved the Best Sister of the Year award forever) decided to go with me since, hey, it’s X JAPAN! Even Japanese people won’t get to see them everyday!

Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA

Friday afternoon, we went to Maneki restaurant for dinner (OMG too much food for two) before heading further to Seattle for the show.

Once we parked and walked over to Paramount Theatre to pick up our tickets, we saw a few people dressing up. I was expecting more cosplays, but whatever, this was awesome already *lol* There was some camera crew interviewing fans outside the venue too.

Once we got inside, we found the most unorganized merch table ever! Okay, maybe not that bad, but could have been better with a queue line or something. I waited for 10-15 minutes for my turn, and got 2 T-shirts and a hoodie. $120 off pocket instantly. *lol*

The most ridiculous goodie was the Yoshikitty doll they sold for $100. I was so glad I didn’t collect Hello Kitty, or I’d be so doomed.

We walked back to my car to put my new purchase away. I decided to change into one of the T-shirts I bought to get in the zone~  ♥

We hung out in the lobby area, watching opening band “Vampire Everywhere” on TV (I posted about this band on Facebook that evening and called them “Vampire Everything” *lol*). I eventually went inside and watched their last song, it was okay. Audience cheered really loud when they announced X Japan before they left the stage.

Our seats were on mezzanine level because by the time I found out about this concert, all orchestra floor front row seats were gone. Plus, I didn’t want to torture my sister too much, so 4th row upper level would have to do.

I was quite bummed out by the fact that it wasn’t a sold out show. :(  With better promotions, they could easily fill this theatre.

Anyway, the hall went dark, audience went nuts screaming, it’s SHOWTIME!

Leading in by dramatic music, X Japan opened the night with Jade and it was holy awesome from the beginning. They frggin’ owned the stage and the audience *__*

Toshi sounded exactly like CDs, like any DVD or Youtube clip I have watched, his voice was amazing! Heath looked soooooo gorgeous with simply button-down white shirt and effing tight leather pants. His legs may or may not be skinnier than my arms. *lol* Pata seems to be kinda quiet but his fashion statement was loud and clear, I LOVE HIS FLARE PANTS OKAY? Sugizo on the far right was effing hot with his awesome shirt I might be in love.

And this dude. OH MY FRIGGIN’ GOD.


In front of the stage, I could see a ton of cameras. At least 10-12 photographers plus video cameras. woot woot!

Rusty Nail was next on the set list and the energy level inside the theatre was insane! After that, Yoshiki moved over to his piano for Silent Jealousy!! *flails*

I really love the way he smiled. He looked really really really happy. ♥


X JAPAN didn’t really give us time to calm our hearts down since they continued with Drain right away. Yoshiki and Sugizo left the stage, leaving Pata, Toshi and Heath in control.

Next to the piano, Sugizo came back on stage with his violin. He started playing one of his songs (*headdesks* I need to study him!!) then he slipped into Star Spangled Banner!!! The fans went completely nuts!

HOLY COW! SUGIZO IS MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON! He’s soooooooo amazing~ (on a side note, NFT should bust out his trombone and play it on stage…)

Yoshiki then joined Sugizo on stage. Their piano/violin duet was so beautiful I wanted to cry. ♥

I LOVE THIS DRAMA DUDE. HE’S SO AMAZEBALL. And his shirt was a WIN. *purrs*

KYAAA!! Now it’s time for Kurenai!!!! PARAMOUNT THEATRE EXPLODED! I love this song so hard!

Toshi was so cute!

#IShouldShipThis *lol*

Yoshiki went back to his piano for a beginning melody of Born to Be Free! *bounces* They totally killed it!!

Yoshiki moved back and forth between his drum set and his piano during this song. I really love how their music integrated a lot of piano in it and still rocked the hell out of everything. ♥

Very appropriate use of wings, I highly approved this~ ♥

Yoshiki was playing piano intro for I.V. when Toshi made audience scream their heads off and we did. *lol* very obedient crowd we were.

I.V. was fantastic so as this dude~ ↓ I like him, okay? *lol*

And I worship him, okay? ↓

X! X! X! X! X!

oh boy, insanity!! PARAMOUNT THEATRE DOUBLE EXPLODED!! I love how everyone jumped in sync every time! X! It was soooooooooo much fun!

At the end of X, Toshi started the “We are X” cry. We’re really loud! At one point, Toshi gave his mic to Yoshiki and took his place at drums so Yoshiki could make the “We are X” call. OMG. SUGOIIIIIIIII TO THE MAX~~~~~~

#GimmePianoSexAlready *lol*


The song resumed and the crowd went even nuts-o than before. The pyro was friggin’ awesome. #ILoveJapaneseConcertStageEffects

There’s some water play here with Toshi’s water gun and other water bottles. Sugizo threw one bottle all the way up to the mezzanine level!

And they left the stage. Fans started the “WE ARE” “X” call, then we clapped and screamed and yelled “ENCORE” and etc etc..

It’s the longest encore call ever, at least 8-9 minutes before they came back to stage. But they did! YAY!!

With a video camera trailing him, Yoshiki went to his piano to give his little banter. He thanked the fans for coming to the show, and told us how he’s so happy to be here as they’re waiting for this moment for “a fucking long time” ← he really said that *lol*

Then he talked about how hide was also there with us, fans started hide chant, but Yoshiki said he couldn’t hear us, and told us to scream (oh yeah, we did)


Yoshiki was so effing cute.

My most favorite X Japan song, ever. Endless Rain was simply gorgeous. Fans sang along really loud.

I love how Pata, Heath, Toshi and Sugizo sat on the staircase during this song.

(at this point, entered security peep from hell, poking me to turn off my camera, I guess it’ll be on a concert DVD. FINE.)

Art of Life was the last song of that night. It didn’t last half an hour like their single *lol* but it was really dramatic.

A perfect ending for this incredible X Japan concert.

After that, Sugizo conjured a camera from somewhere and started taking pictures of the stage, of Yoshiki on his piano (sorry, busy kyaa-ing, no photo *lol), of the fans and of them with the fans. I simply adored how JAPANESE they were while taking pictures (^_^)v

Professional camera and video! all fans were making “X” sign in the background~

More water gun and water splashing, Sugizo repeated his previous throw and landed another bottle on the balcony level only 3-4 feet from me *lol*

And they took their final bow before leaving the stage.


They totally blew me away with their talents I don’t even know what to say. The way they own the stage was incredible!

I’m really happy for them, seeing how their dreams come true. Breaking into the U.S. market. It’s interesting to see them play in a smaller venue like this when back in Japan they are literally GOD and can easily sell out an arena of 50,000 people. Fans kill to get tickets to their concert. Which was a boohoo that we didn’t sell out here that night, but it’s definitely a good start, with strong support from old fans and new fans they’ve gained.

btw, how could these 40+ year old dudes play nonstop for almost 2 hours and keep the energy level super high at all time? I’m an admirer~ :)

I consider myself lucky to be able to attend this concert.

And I’ll sure go to their concert again whenever they come back to Seattle! ♥

Rusty Nail
Silent Jealousy
~Violin & Piano~
Born To Be Free
~Piano & Drum~
Endless Rain
Art of Life


5 Responses to WE ARE “X”

  1. Susan says:

    Great report ! Thanks. Glad you got X’ed. It’s an Xperience.

  2. jenn says:

    YAYYYYYY WE ARE X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the report, Naughtiest. And your pictures are awesome!!!
    I love how Yoshiki-sama got on the piano. XD Actually, I used to ship him and hide-san together. *cough*
    And Sugizo is really kakkoii, right? Love his fashion and styling.

    BTW, about the t-shirts, is it bigger than the usual T&T shirts? And do they only sell one size?

    I heard too that the second floor was somewhat empty… Hopefully with more promotion and recognition the band can get more audience.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you, Jenn! <3

      I may or may not ship Yoshiki-sama and Sugizo somewhere in my brain, after seeing Yoshiki-sama climbed on top of his piano when Sugizo wanted to take a picture of him *lol* #BrainHasItsOwnWeirdWayOfThinking

      T-shirt comes is different size. The white one I got (#2 with giant X and rose in front) is lady size, so I had to get an M because it's REALLY small. *feels like giant*

      Next tour will definitely draw more audience! :D

  3. dwejitoki says:

    i just accidentally discovered this band last night while i was searching for some good piece of a violinist at youtube… then i come to watch a video of sugizo with yoshiki playing endless rain i guess.. then i found myself caught by that song so i started watching their other videos and searching stuffs about them in google.. this band made me up by like until 1am already XDD today is my second day of learning more about them, after reading this report you made, i felt envy.. for i guess i lost half of my life for not watching this concert u have watched… xP i hope i could watch them someday.. ur report about them really gave me alot of knowledge!! THANKYOUU for sharing it ^^

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