12×12 T&T collage

June 1, 2008 | takitsuba |

I was cleaning my bedroom when I found a 12×12 cardboard and almost threw it away. Just almost.

Since I’ve always wanted to make a collage out of those extra clippings I have, an idea came to my mind and I stared digging through my stuff. (oh yeah, speaking of being organized! XD)

At first, I was just thinking about making a quick and easy one, just to see how it would look like.

Quick and easy my butt.

I should have known when it comes to T&T, there’s no easy way out! I spent hours choosing the clippings I wanted, but ended up not using them because they’re too cute/too beautiful/too kakkoii, I couldn’t bring myself to cut them! XDD

4.5 hours later, I got this ↓


(nope, Tono on the right is not a part of this collage, I just had to throw him in to make this photo a little more balanced, plus that smile is too cute to just leave on my magnet board! LOL)

I blamed this on Mecha Ike clip, T&T were just too cute, they put me into (sorta) creative mode! LOL

One thing I have to say… it’s waaaaayyyyyyy easier to do something like this on photoshop! Glue is my worst enemy, even when they said it’s for scrapbooking!! Once the glue was applied, there’s no changing my mind, no more rotating, nope, that’s it. I even severely wrinkled Takki’s face on top left corner when I tried to pull that piece of paper off, luckily I didn’t tear it up x_x;

BTW, If you noticed venus!Takki pointing his finger at Juliet and giggled like a lune already before reading this, 100 points for you! LOL

And now my bedroom is a big mess. Like junk yard mess. But I’m happy nonetheless, a very T&T productive day for me.



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