I’ve been searching youtube and clubbox up and down all over the places but couldn’t find KoiUta PV, so I pushed my luck and go to jpopsuki.. TADA! LOL They have both mpeg and xvid versions up… ^^

milktealover89 also uploaded it at dailymotion, m(_ _)m, in case you wanna watch while waiting for your download to finish, just search ‘koiuta’, it should be the first one on the list.


As expected, most footage from this version are what we’ve already seen from WS during the past week. Plus, they scrambled the scene back and forth, just to make us want the full mini drama even more! LOL

Takki. The most gorgeous angle in this whole wide world xD In fact, I was thinking about City of Angel today, instead of angel!Takki disappeares in the end, wouldn’t it be nicer if the girl dies and angel!Takki gets turned into human and *coughs* lives happily ever after with his Wing… hee..heee..

T&T visual is super good in this PV ♥__♥ There are several scenes that I really like, including that kiss scene. I’ll repeat myself again and again, I think that kiss was so sweet and beautiful ^^

Wing-san, please do not break my neck because I couldn’t help but giggle when I see you run through the rain xDD

And I totally love it where Takki raises his hand up like that towards the end of the PV (4:48), darn sexy for some reasons! He didn’t even have to strip! *purrs*

I think the girl can see at the end. The way she reaches out and touches Tsu’s hand, there’s no hesitation of someone who cannot see. And she looks at his face too. Plus, I think she likes Tsu all along? She was making a patched work card of that red balloon even when she can’t see. Poor thing, she must have thought that she’s not good enough for him… oh well, of course, how could she beat a super gorgeous angel? not a chance my dear~ XDD

Btw, I really like the scene where she walked among the crowd and crash into that cellphone dude, I love the way we had a slight glimpse of Takki’s back. ^^

And the countdown to 6/4 begins!!!!


4 Responses to [T&T] PV – KoiUta

  1. mich says:

    yea, that kiss scene is so beautiful!!! and i love seeing wing-san in the rain talking to the girl, and his sideview when answering the phone too hehe… but the best shot was that slowmo nosebleedingly kakkoii tono holding up his hand at the end *dies*

    maybe angel loves girl but knows that girl loves wing (only that she feels inferior) so when she’s about to die in the rain, he calls wing to rescue the girl.. then kisses her goodbye, and gives her his eyes… hehe.. then the girl, who’s no longer blind, no longer feels inferior, and accepts wing! and since her eyes are actually angel’s eyes, it’s in fact angel looking at wing! lalalalala~~~

  2. naughtiest says:

    LOL of course! That 1.87 seconds precious shot!! he didn’t even have to strip to be that ero! The way he looked at the camera was such a killer~ ♥ I kyaaaaa-ed out so loud that my dad had to come up to my room and check on me XDD

    ahhh that’d be nice, whenever wing is looking at the girl = looking into angel’s eyes *purrs* or what about angel is living within the girl, as a part of her since he’s giving her his life? now we can have one big happy ending love triangle! *giggles*

    oh well, I still think we need to kill the girl just to be on the safe side~ LOL

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Uuuaah! Great minds must think alike, because from the first moment seeing all the promo clips of this PV…I immediately was reminded of the City of Angels movie. It’s similar ne. And all so sad.
    Maybe Takki healed the girl’s vision…like with that kiss or something? I think Mich has a good theory. XD
    Can’t wait!…. Only 5 days.

  4. naughtiest says:

    lol I guess my mind isn’t that great as I wasn’t thinking about City of Angels at all when I first saw the promo. It’s more like Meet Joe Black as I doubt whether he’s not just an Angel but the Death himself (well, and at least Brad Pitt looked better than Nicolas Cage ^^”). I only thought about City of Angels because I wanted a happy ending for TxT, so the girl must die LOL

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