I took a look at T&T calendar on my wall and came to a realization that Angel!Takki actually looks very much alike Takki in T&T May calendar. Suit and tie, it is. LOL

I swear I’m not an American Idol fan. I didn’t even watch the show. But last week, I had to youtube it up to see who won so I could understand what my coworkers would be screaming about the next day. In that process, I happened to stumble upon this clip… and I went *__*

This performance has stuck in my head for the past week.. what a voice.. and the way he closed his eyes during the last verse was just… *purrs*

Don’t worry, my every single penny is still going to support T&T. I’m not that easily converted!! XD


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  1. glenda says:

    Don’t laugh but I’ve watched AI since it’s very beginning 7 seasons ago :p Didn’t know how far you went in your googling but this was my Tsubasa moment LOL (I was lazy & left it as flv so play in VLC)


    I was easily converted to T&T ^_^ but I still watch AI out of habit.

  2. naughtiest says:

    yo G! Wow, you’re a long time fan!! The main reason I didn’t watch the show was I forgot LOL I just realized that it’s developed into a much more interesting show compared to the very first season, especially when they let the contestants play instruments ^^

    Thanks for the clip! I watched tons of them that night, but Hello was the only one I could remember LOL I really love David Cook’s voice, it’s sooooooo RAWWWWWWW and sexy~ Plus, the other David is kinda too sweet for my taste, he reminds me of a puppy xD

  3. glenda says:

    You’re welcome! U2=Bono=Tsubasa can’t help but think of him whenever anything U2 comes up :p David A has a nice voice & he never hit a wrong note during the entire run of the season; but he just turned 17 and needs to get a whole lot more living under his belt before he can be soulful like David C IMO My early favorite was one of those ‘shocking’ going home guys: Michael Johns, the Australian. When he was back singing on the final show, I got pissed all over again that he didn’t go farther.

  4. naughtiest says:

    ooh I’ll have to google Michael Johns’ performance up, his profile is interesting. It’s kinda sad to see good performer go home early because of insufficient fan base. Same goes for most shows, I guess? ^^”

    I just melted when I saw David C’s tears, mah, I’m such a softy. xD

    BTW, Glenda, what’s the deal with the single, does it mean that both finalists recorded the same song and the winner got to release it? It’d be interesting to hear the other version too ^^

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    I was actually disappointed at the end of this AI season….I wanted David Archuleta to win SO bad. He was better I thought….wasn’t crazy about the rock thing with Cook.
    But this season was definately one of the better ones compaired to some.
    I was also rooting for the girl from Ireland,..the one with the tattoos…lol..she had a VOICE. XD
    And yes yes….U2=Bono===TSUBASA…XD

  6. naughtiest says:

    I’ve never watched the show before, so I really couldn’t compare to other seasons, but after all the youtube-ing last week, I think I like Cook’s style more ne, kinda sexy and raw, compared to the crystal clear Archuleta. Plus he has the bad boy look that I prefer more than high school boy ^^”

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