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Have you ever seen those ¥100 pin machines all around Japan? The one that you insert a ¥100 coin, twist the knob 2-3 times to get a tiny plastic ball with a pin inside?

I’m seriously addicted to those machines xD

It all started when I went to Hokkaido in February 2006. I got these 7 pins back home as souvenirs along with a bunch of keychains and magnets that I collected.


Once I got back home, I took a closer look at these pins and I whacked myself for not getting more! ^^” They’re such nice collectible items that reminded me of each place I visited.

So, when I went to Japan in May 2007, I decided to get a bunch more, but in fact, when I counted it’s only 13 of them! LOL Anyway, look at Shanao-sama!! I went to Kyoto with A-san the day before T&T concert, and I got this pin! What a coincidence~~~~ ^__^


Then, I went back to Japan again in November 2007 and hit almost every single damn machine I could find xDD


And got a total of 49 pins this time! xD I started of with getting only a few from each city, but it’s got slightly out of control towards the end of the trip. LOL I was pretty lucky I only got a few duplicated ones. And once I got them, I just gave to either A-san, I-san or T-chan.. and they would donate ¥100 to me so I could have another try ^^


Usually, out of 10 styles per each machine, there’d be an ugly one that I really didn’t want. So I used it as a stop sign, whenever I got the ugly one, I’d stop playing with that machine. LOL

The most hilarious one was when I-san, T-chan and I went to Marine World. We were walking around killing time but didn’t want to leave the exhibition yet. Then, I saw 2 machines outside the door, so I walked out and started inserting ¥100 coin… and the first one I got was the ugliest Marine World mascot that I said I didn’t want!!! Look how ugly it is! LOL


And we couldn’t get back inside the building! LOL it’s one of those one-way sliding door!! We had to wait until someone left so we could sneak back in. I-san almost strangled me as we got weird look from people around there XD

Anyway, these three are my favorite ones… Shanao-sama, Miyajima, and LaVenDer. Quite obvious, huh? LOL


And caught on film at Dazaifu as a proof of addiction~ xD


Can’t wait to go back to visit different parts of Japan and get more of these pins (^__^)v


4 Responses to addiction!

  1. mich says:

    kawaiii~~~ i din know that they were pins!!! i think i shud try my luck with some next time too. saw loads of this machines at the train stations ne… ah, shanao-sama!! ah, miyajima!! ah, LaVenDer!! LOL me wants too *jumps* (i also like that genji monogatari~ ^o^~ for quite obvious reasons too hehe…)

  2. naughtiest says:

    let me warn you that it’s very addictive! XDD I wonder if there’s anything else we can relate to Tono~ lol

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Ahh, I think I’m going to try the pin machines too when I go to JP.
    It would be an easy way to get ALOT of suvenirs for friends and family when I return home. XD Thanks for the great idea!
    I love ur collection too btw…especially the sakura pin! It’s kirei!

  4. naughtiest says:

    LOL you’re gonna have a hard time giving them away, because they’re so cute.. well, except for some ugly ones XD

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