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September 18, 2010 | david cook, et cetera |

I spent almost 20 hours of my life revamping my blog.

Truth be told, I haven’t touched my blog template at all over the past 2 years, and this ‘wordpress updates’ thing has been bugging me to update my theme.

It’s not that easy though. Two years ago when I started using this template, I kinda meshed 3 different templates together to get every bit and piece of what I wanted. Simply upgrading now would wipe away every customization I had and went back to master theme alone.

In other words: *headdesks*

I looked around for a new theme to deliver me whatever the heck I wanted, but I really like what I’ve been using since it was really clean. Why should I fix it?


I decided to update anyway as the newer version offers a few more features that I really like.

Entering CSS nightmare. Oh boy, I forgot how long it took me last time to tweak things to my liking (mostly deleting anything fancy *lol*)

Whatever. Friday night and most of Saturday later, I finally got it back to how it looked previously *beams* except for the collapsible sidebar since this updated theme is more confusing in terms of coding and where the developer hid php files I need, I decided to skip it for now.

Still, a successful update~

Housekeeping my blog entries, I came across this post from 5/27/08, a week after David Cook won his AI title.

And I quote myself:

Don’t worry, my every single penny is still going to support T&T.
I’m not that easily converted!! XD

Yeah right. Not THAT easily converted, my butt. It only took me a year to go completely nuts-o for this dude and his buddies~  *ROFL*

Here we go, a clip that started it all. Hello. Again. ♥


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