September 11, 2010 | takitsuba |


T&T message on J-net couldn’t have come at better time. Best 1:13 minutes clip ever.

Takki and Tsubasa are together. ♥

No need to photoshop or edit them into the same frame. THEY ARE TOGETHER.

And so adorable.

It makes me so happy seeing them like this, like the two idols I fell so in love with in 2006. Happily smiling. Looking at each other and bursting out laughing. Oozing off cuteness.

..and naughtiness *lol*


The pink and blue fonts.

The way Takki babbling out those scripts and the way Tsu pointing at the ‘captions’

The way Takki always moved closer to Tsubasa. (^^)v

Tsu’s mischievous grin while he grabbed Takki’s ass. (really?! REALLY?! *lol* I need to see an offshot of this shoot!!)

The way they both smiled happily when they’re together. You know, relaxing feeling when you’re with someone you’re comfortable with, someone you trust. That kinda feeling. :)

The slo-mo when they’re looking at each other and cracking up. OH MY HEART~ ♥


This clip makes their 8th debut anniversary perfect.

Takitsuba, I will always support you, no matter what.

Because I believe in you guys.


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