2010 Lavender Festival

September 5, 2010 | photo |

Cleaning up my bedroom today and found a bag of lavender buds. Realized I haven’t posted these photos yet. So here we go ♪ just lose control and let your body give in to the beat of my heart as my hand touched your skin is this love? or just sexual desire? WE’RE GONNA START A FIRE~ ♪ *lol*

Sequim, WA

My sister and I went to the 14th Annual Sequim Lavender festival back in July. In case you haven’t heard of Sequim before, it’s a small town, about 90 minutes east of Forks *coughs*Twilight*coughs* or 20 minutes from Port Angeles where Edward saved Bella from those creepy peeps. Okay? ;)

Anyway, we left really early in the morning, the weather was a bit cold and gloomy with few showers along the way. Two hours later, we arrived at the visitor center. It’s still closed, but a very kind gentleman there told us to go in and help us with all maps and festival ticket (it’s actually a pin *lol*).

We studied some brochures and local newspaper to get some photo composition idea, because, for crying out loud, THESE PURPLE BUSHES ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH!!! *lol*

First stop, we went to Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Of all the farms we went to this year, I liked this one the best. Maybe because it’s still really early, so there’s not a lot of people there. xD

We spent a long time at this farm and I started whining because I was hungry. Overpriced lavender ice cream didn’t help. So we went to a Thai restaurant in Sequim for lunch. The owner is my dad’s friend. Uncle Mike just bought an iPhone 4 but didn’t know how to use it. I was so tempted to steal his phone *lol*

Anyway, after lunch, we went to the street fair. OMG so many people, we had to park like 4-5 blocks away!

I bought this tiny bundle from a little girl for 25 cents. She’s so adorable! BTW, my friend thinks it looked like a crocodile. *lol*

We bought a few bags of lavender buds and headed back to our parking spot. Next, we went to Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm.

And this ↓↓↓ was the reason I mentioned Twilight above! *dies laughing* CRAZY!!

Accidentally Monet! *lol* I lost my balance when I was about to press a shutter~ Artistry. Artistry~ :P

Mandatory sisters pic. They still said we looked like twins. Really? *lol*

Cedarbrook Lavender & Herb Farm was our next target.

If I remember this correctly, this building they used as their gift shop is over a hunderd years old. It had a really nice decoration inside too.

And this is how you get lavender oil~

It was late in the afternoon, I was kinda exhausted already, but a very nice couple who lived only a few hundred yards away from this farm told us to go visit another farm which was their favorite. So we did. Hey, gotta trust local peeps!

Sunshine Herb and lavender Farm~

A super yummy lavender vanilla with chocolate swirl and huckleberry heaven ice cream. OMG that huckleberry one was sooooooooooo goooooooood!!!

A+ for my attempt *lol*

To tell you the truth, I think they’re all look the same. *lol* well, maybe different shades of purples, whatever, but the same. :P

We went back to Uncle Mike’s restaurant for dinner because he forced us to. The drive back home was a pain as there’s some thing going (I didn’t even see any accident, so I didn’t know what this thing was) on and we’re stuck on highway 3, like, forever. ugh.

I was so sleepy by the time we got back on I-5 and my sister wanted to listen to Christmas music! I told her to listen to David Archuleta’s Christmas from the Heart album since I didn’t have any other specific Christmas music on my iPod, but she’s not his fan (yet. I’m determined), so we settled for Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You (I didn’t even know I have this song, it was on her greatest hits album *lol*) *snooooooooozes* I made her listen to Tackey & Tsubasa playlist after that song *lol*

I got back home around 11pm, after dropping my sister off at her place, took a shower and literally passed out.

An awesome day. ♥


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