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August 29, 2010 | et cetera, photo |

Hot Pot

My brother, my sister and I went to Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan restaurant in Chinatown today for lunch. We ordered hot pot buffet with two soups; regular and spicy (tons of chili oil *lol*). It was awesome.

Mini kimchi. But the best thing about this picture is the garlic bean paste in that small bowl. OMG. SO GOOD.

The soups. The veggies. The noodles. The Tofu.

And the meat. With my sister. *lol*

For $13.95 per person, this was a really good long meal!


I bought a mega million ticket today *lol*

long-ass meme

stealing from peeps on LJ because I have nothing to do *lol*


oh boy, it was really a long-ass meme *lol*


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