Fresh Blueberries!

August 15, 2010 | et cetera, photo |

My sister and I (and her friend and her son) went to Duvall, Washington for a u-pick blueberry farm today. It seems like we picked a pretty bad day for this activity because it’s 94F out there, quite possibly the hottest day of this year! I was drowning in my own sweat. *lol*

Anyway, we drove 1.5 hours to this Cottage Gardens Blueberry Farm. According to a nice lady we met there, blueberries here are much tastier than other commercialized farms around the area. She used to live nearby and came here every year since she was a little kid as this farm has been there forever, the owner passed away 5 years ago, so Microsoft people bought the farm and continue to open this farm for U-pick.

That is sweet!

They charged $2/pound. My sister and I only picked ¾ lbs each *lol* hey, it was hot, I sorta gave up! I’ll never ever again complain about how expensive blueberries are!! Her friend and her son got a little over 2 lbs. When I told my brother about this later in the evening, he said it’s probably cheaper to go to a grocery store and buy it, consider the current gas price. LOLZ! To our defense, I told him it’s much fresher!!!

Yet another fun sisters day out!


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