I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull today.

It’s a nice movie, worth the wait. I’m not sure if I like it that much but I shall say that it’s very interesting… how on earth did George Lucas came up with this plot?! I have to say it’s not as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade, but I like it more than The Temple of Doom ^^

A couple of major thoughts.. (yes, spoilers)

  • First and foremost, that Crystal Skull is damn ugly! It looks like a cheap plastic container with lots of clear plastic wrap stuffed inside. For real, it’s extremely UGLY! XD
  • For the love of Dr. Jones, an ALIEN?! ROFL!! oh well, after the Holy Grail, anything is possible! Also, during that period (1950’s), I guess people started questioning about extraterrestrial folks?
  • Information overloaded! Had I read about the real crystal skull myth prior to the movie, I would have a much easier time catching up.
  • Might be better if it’s a 3-hr movie. It’s like dancing a quickstep with too many quick quick quick quick quick extra steps (confused? LOL) Plus, I believe some scenes got cut short or didn’t even get to the movie cut. Extended DVD sounds good to me.
  • The quicksand and snake scenes cracks me up to no end! LOL but it also reminds me of River Phoenix, when they showed us the reason behind Indy’s ophiophobia and his scar in The Last Crusade. Still sad when thinking about this beautiful young man. I really like him back then.
  • Harrison Ford is old. I mean Indy’s still a silly dork, I really love when he smiles/smirks, but he’s much older compared to the last film. (as well as Karen Allen, she’s really aged ^^”) Indy is getting a bit clumsy and slow. I can see his chubby tummy too! XD
  • And he didn’t use his whip as much as he used to!
  • A bit nostalgia, seeing photos of Dr. Jones, Sr. and Marcus on Indy’s desk. Time’s gone by, people passed away :(
  • Shea LaBeouf is kinda funny, pretty nice chemistry between Indy and his Jr. ^^
  • Speaking of, I was expecting to see something about scorpions towards the end. Come on, they spent time talking about scorpions early in the film, it should have shown up again somewhere.. like Mutt has to decide if he’s gonna jump into a crate full of big or tiny scorpions, something like that.
  • Cate Blanchett is so cute! She looked like a lunatic who kept talking about paranormal stuff.. Agent Mulder would have a great time talking to her..oops, wrong story xD
  • One thing I like about this movie is they still used old/outdated CGI stuff, so it fits with the previous three movies.
  • For one second, I thought I saw Gollum LOL

My sister and I gave this movie ☆☆☆  just because we love Indiana Jones (maybe +½ because some scenes were freakin’ hilarious xD).


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