TRUE FACT: I haven’t been making batch icons in ages and I now realized I failed miserably at 10 variations *lol*

Anyway, some icons from David Archuleta’s Something ‘Bout Love music video.

made 40+, loved only 6 *headdesks*

Making icons is always fun! (though I still wish I had an HD clip to make screencaps from~) It also took me a big while to remember how to deal with 100×100 areas as they’re sooooooo tiny compared to a wallpaper! *lol*

resources credit: dearest

These textless icons are not bases. Please do not edit them.
Comments & Credits = ♥

BTW, I watched this MV for the first time at work, and my boss was standing behind me…

boss: archuleta?
me: YES!
boss: really?
me: he’s CUTE!
boss: but —
me: I still like DAVID COOK, but ARCHIE IS SO ADORB!!
boss: yeah right…*shakes head*

So long, my professionalism~ ♥


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