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May 23, 2008 | et cetera |

YAY! My first holiday of the year! Thank goodness!! LOL

This Memorial Day will mark one full year (minus one day but oh well) after I first saw T&T in real life. Such a day to celebrate ^^

This morning, my sister booked a package for our trip down to LA next month. Pretty good deal for round trip tickets, a room at Crowne Plaza and a rental car. I almost choked when she told me the amount.

$283 per person…

What a perfect price! Gotta love this magic number, huh? Imai-san, thanks for helping us out!! LOL

saw KoiUta PV preview today (thank you, my drug dealer!), and I want to see the entire drama/PV right NOW!! AVEX!!!!!

Tsu looks soooooo good.. and super young! So CUTE!

Angel!Takki is super gorgeous *__*

The storyline looks kinda sad and cliché. One human, one angel, doing things for someone they love, that kind of theme. I actually love the kiss scene though, I think it’s beautiful. IMO, I believe it’s a goodbye kiss, giving her life (so runner!Tsu can be there just in time to save her), instead of taking her to heaven. I wonder if she can actually sense him… and if he can make her see in the end? (but love is blind anyway, so it doesn’t matter *runs*)

Anyhow, also being a TxT fan, I couldn’t help but having an evil manip thought in my head. Luckily, I couldn’t get a clear hi-res screenshot, thanks to the rain, otherwise I probably wouldn’t get any sleep tonight… ^^”



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