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This is a story about Beau.

Beau joined our family on January 23rd, 2010.

My sister found him on She and her husband ended up adopting him from the shelter. We knew from the beginning that Beau was well over 10 years old, but we didn’t know for sure how old he was.

His first owner passed away, and the owner’s wife didn’t want him, so he had his first trip to the shelter. Then, his second owner had lost his job, and couldn’t keep him, so he had another trip back at the shelter again.

That was when my sister found him.

Beau wasn’t in a perfect shape. The first week, my sister took him to the vet, and he had 7 of his teeth removed. His hind legs were fairly weak, so she had to feed him some liquid glucosamine. A series of a visit to the vet’s office, Beau had gotten much stronger and healthier.

Beau was a sweet old dog (who loved to bark) with big head and big smile. He got along really well with Oscar, my sister’s 6-year old yellow lab. Oscar knew Beau was old, so he’s never try to overpower Beau when they played together or ran in the backyard.

Beau loved my sister. So much. He always followed my sister around everywhere inside the house since Day 1.

My sister loved Beau. So much. She always fondly talked about him. She thought about Beau no matter where she went.

I know she took great care of Beau.

I know She really loves him.

They took Beau and Oscar to the beach last Friday.

Beau leaned on my sister’s knee, before laying down on the ground.

He never got back up.

Beau went to heaven on July 23rd, 2010.

Exactly six months after he joined our family.

I wish we had more time with him, as this happened too soon, we didn’t really know how to deal with the fact that he’s gone.

But the fact that he died peacefully, with no sign of pain, consoled me to some degree.

Beau had spent a lot of quality time with my sister, especially these last few weeks.

The time was short but surely filled with beautiful memories.

He was happy.

He was loved.

Rest in peace, Beau. We missed you so much already.


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