Any VF fan here?

I’ve been in an icon mood for almost two weeks but just got a chance to do this last night ^^

Actually, I was drifting away from VF fandom for quite some times already, oh yeah, thanks to T&T! XD (and some of you may recall my T&T/VF crossover manip LOL) However, after seeing the pin-up from the latest chapter, along with Asami losing control because he just knew his uke wasn’t okay, I just have to do this! *purrs* Aki-chan is my favorite uke in the entire yaoi manga world, how could I not?! XD

Original art by Yamane-sensei

un-resized rotated B&W mirror double
re-colored whole image stock original not square

resources credit: colorfilter and dearest

Please do not edit or repost any of these icons.
Textless icons are not bases.

Comment = Love
Credit = greatly appreciated ^^

Personally, I like them all, as it is a mutual understanding that you do not make and share icons that you yourself won’t use. :P

un-resized‘ is probably my most favorite though. It was the first one I started but the last to finish, after changing fonts for gazillion times ^^” Aki looked as if he’s smirking, something he got from Asami, I bet. xD

rotated‘ was pretty interesting to make as I chose to hide those bloody spots and made him look clean and unharmed ^^

Aki looked like beast!Val in ‘re-colored‘, only missing some stripes and he hasn’t got a chance to jump Asami like beast!Val did Havi yet xD

Most Painful award goes to ‘stock‘! It took me forever to adjust layer properties.. no surprise though, Asami is a pain the butt by definition. *runs like hell*

And if you don’t understand what the heck I’m babbling about, go read Yamane-sensei’s work! XD Plus, one thing I really like about YA community is that people do comment ^^

Ugh, I really missed having 100+ icon spots at LJ… and I hate all those ads from Plus account… should I just give in to ebil and get a paid account again? +__+


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