I’ve been coughing and coughing for the past few weeks but it’s getting worse this week when my lungs seem to want to come out as the weather is getting better and drier.

Blame it on those insane amount of pollens when I went to school in the middle of nowhere (aka Pullman) that triggered my first allergy.

Now, I’ll start coughing as soon as I open my garage door, stop when I get in the car, start coughing again if I roll my window down, stop when i roll my window up, start when I leave my car and walk to the building, stop after I get inside the building for about 5 minutes and start all over again when I walk back to my car and so on …

basically open air kills my throat, and it’s driving me nuts! v__v;

Heard PROGRESS for the first time today, INSTANT LOVE! ♥ weeeeheeee very very catchy, I totally love it!! can’t wait until 6/4, PV PV PV!!!


2 Responses to something in the air

  1. mich says:

    take care ne~ *HUGS* drink more water!! and try not to walk outside too much…
    i started coughing this morn (ate too much pringles last night lol)
    heard PROGRESS too! so cute song ne! very catchy hehehe.. love it!! yay, both koi uta and progress are so nice~~ the covers are nice too, now juz for the PV! can’t wait for 6/4!!!!!!!!

  2. naughtiest says:

    lol!! you drink lots of water too!! pringles can be seriously evil ne, sometimes i just eat the entire can by myself xD

    yup, I love both koi uta and progress to! can’t wait to see inside the jacket, i hope it’s filled with nice T&T pix, not just them standing like a pair of soldiers together lol

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