Work is still crazy, but my new group is so nice and funny, such a great group of people to work with. They made me feel I’m a part of the team right away. It’s such a different feeling compared to when I moved last time..

btw, I had a strong urge to slap someone (x2) I had to deal with last week, but managed to refrain myself. What else could I say, kids these days… they just take things for granted.. -__-”

Going 5 months straight without a single holiday or long weekend (plus working on Saturday sometimes) can drive people nuts easily.

Speaking of that, my family will be going down to LA next month. For a concert. Too bad it’s not T&T, but oh well, good enough for the time being! LOL I’m waiting for date/time confirmation before booking a flight. We haven’t been to a Thai concert in such a long time. Plus, Asanee & Wasan are one of my most favorite Thai artists growing up, so it will be fun! ^^ My brother and my sister are so excited about this. For real, Asanee & Wasan’s first world tour, and they’re coming to the US, to us! I was telling my brother, no matter what, we must go! XDD

And my travelogue continues….


Day 8: Aso-san & Kurokawa Onsen


Day 9: Kurokawa & Kumamoto Castle


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