Since when did I rack up so many points with CDJapan? I haven’t bought anything from them in a while…
Anyway, along with that spring coupon, shipping is only ¥1,100! Good deals! XDD

Now, the only problem is EMS. I have to figure how to stay home and wait for the package on that day ^^”

I went over to Amazon, they haven’t posted any link for Koi Uta/PROGRESS yet. Never mind. What caught me off guard was One! DVD.

60% off at Amazon

¥2,800 (¥2,743 w/o tax)

60-freaking-percent off! Is this even legal? ><

Now, people definitely have NO excuse not to get this darn good DVD!! Be a good employee and go get it if you haven’t done so already!!!!! GO GO GO!!!!

Just curious about Kimi ga Kureta Natsu. Is NTV going to release this DVD at all?

Did they even release Yuuki from 2006? And what is the SP drama for 2005? Was Chichi no Umi, Boku no Sora the last DVD they released for 24hr TV SP drama?

*confused* +__+ .. help~


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