To continue my inspired-by-God is-ad theme and the awesomeness of my previous wallpaper~ *pimping spot*

I still spent loads of time on font selection, which is normal at any given time *lol* What I didn’t expect was that my photoshop crashed 3 times. THREE TIMES!  D: Even when I saved my work every 5-10 minutes, there’s a lot of changes during each time span, moving word layers around, changing fonts to make them fit. So when it crashed, it’s a massive pain to come back and redo all my RANDOMNESS when it came to fonts!


Anyway, six hours later, here comes my very first full-size Andy Skib wallpaper! woot woot!


All words are from MWK and To Have Heroes lyrics ♥ Andy’s pic was taken at Yakima show last August, my virgin David Cook concert~

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ps. I’m still thinking about David Cook version of this *lol*


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