Surprise! I’m still working on this travelogue. LOL In fact, I was thinking about dropping this new year resolution already. But once I saw some pictures from Enbujou-Love pamphlet, I changed my mind.

Tono at Miyajima.

For crying out loud, how could I not finish this report? xD

So, here we go! Douzo!


Day 4: Nara


Day 5: Kyoto


Day 6: Himeji


Day 7: Miyajima

Other than that, life was pretty crazy for the past 2 weeks. So many things have been going on lately. I’m exhausted. But happy though. LOL

Also, the news of T&T new single KoiUta brightened up my day! ^___^

I listened to the ripped version from Osen the other day and really like it already. T&T Ballad is ♥

PROGRESS is interesting. My first impression was that it’s going to be a story about them, kinda going forward together, something like that ^^ I sure hope this will be a fierce dance track with a lot of ero moves xD

Let’s see if the CD will come in heart-shape for the Koi version ;)

Can’t wait for June 4th! Please let KoiUta PV be their pink world!

ps. Takki’s CM kills me! SO CUTE!!!! KYAAAAAA!!

Last but not the least: OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA, TONO~~~~~~


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