Took this during Finance-to-Finance review for 2Q10 business plan today. Before you ask, yes, I was paying attention to the meeting! Give me some credits yo! lol

5 things on my left wrist:

  • A LONG LIVE THE KING (of Thailand) wristband ~ Thai people know how meaningful it is. I’ve been wearing it for a couple years now. I lost it once, but miraculously found it on my office parking lot a week later. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw it again!
  • My super old DKNY watch ~ It’s the only bracelet watch that’s small enough to not look like I stole it from someone. Tiny wrist sucks sometimes.
  • A plastic tube filled with gold foil ~ my aunt got from a temple somewhere in Thailand. Supposedly it protects me from harm and/or evil spirit (aka myself? LOLZ)
  • Two ONE wristbands ~ these two are solely for white balance purpose when taking pictures. No kidding. Works like a charm!

so it’s actually 4 things but 5 pieces lol

Love me some accessories~ ♥


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