quick and dirty shave~ oh Imai-san, why did you make me do this to you? LOL when I first saw this picture, my brain could only scream: HIGE MUST GO! XD

he looks 17!!!

stolen from Tsubaholic’s blog ♥ thank you, Jenn!

all of a sudden, I wish Tsu stumbles upon Stéphane Lambiel’s Flamenco program on youtube and goes hunt him down next time he goes to Europe (or when Stéphane is on tour in Japan, whatever~ make it happen!) The dude is awesome and super adorable in so many levels~ I swear it’s really not because of his amazing ass~. I can totally picture a serious case of Lost in Translation between the two of them, cuteness overload guarantee~ ♥ plus, he can probably convince Tsu to stop randomly shaving his head, and keep his current perfect hair for once~ lol then, they can go appreciate each other’s *ahem* artistry ;)


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