Watched The Right Stuff last night. The movie was a little over 3 hours. At first, I thought I’d fall asleep in no time ^^” But less than 10 minutes into the film, I giggled my butt off during the scene where those officers were trying to get Chuck Yeager to break the sound barrier for the first time. They asked him how much he wanted, but Yeager replied that the Air Force already paid him. So, someone asked how much did they pay him. And the other officer there answered: $283.

wait a second *pauses* *skips back*


ROFL! Thank you Wing-san! Believe it or not, this magic number kept me awake for the next 3 hours! In fact, it’s a very nice movie, I really enjoyed it ^^


I forgot I pre-ordered this DVD!! I thought I only added it to wishlist so I can order it together with the next single. ^^” This week was so busy that I didn’t even bother to check my email when I came home so I missed the shipping confirmation from Amazon on Wednesday and just saw it this morning. Scrambling for my phone, I called FedEx to hold my package and went to pick it up during lunch break ^^

Holy COW!!! The packaging is soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!


Opening the package was a little tricky, but I managed to save the shrink wrap! YAY!

The slipcase is a silver based metallic kind of paper (dang, what’s it called? ><) Very elegant and kira kira~

Two DVDs come in a very nice tri-fold case. The pocket on the left side holds a super high quality full color 12-page booklet. Great picture selection. Avex Art Department, please go learn how to properly work on a DVD booklet from NHK!!! No kidding!!

2 discs, the one with Yuki-chan pix is actually disc 1 in the middle, Yama-kun is disc 2 (extra) on the right side of the tri-fold case, but I switched it around for photo purpose ^^”


I’d never bought anything from NHK before so when I opened the package, I was totally blown away. GORGEOUS! Everything is so high quality, and I can totally tell that they actually paid attention to details. Very professionally done.

I can say that NHK loves Takki xD

Mini thoughts (aka spoilers) behind cut.

It took me almost 20 minutes to get passed the makeup scene at the beginning. *purrs* Ero~ Ero~ Ero~ I’ll have to watch it again!

Extra disc rocks! 35 minutes of Takki talking about making of. Transcript!!! I need a transcript! >”<

Seeing Takki in Yuki-chan outfit, cracking up, laughing and smiling broadly is pure love!

ooh they showed how they cut & paste two Takkis in the same frame~ LOL

CHOTTO! Is that Yami-kun rehearsing Yuki-chan’s line? ROFL!!!

Yami-kun holding the end of his yukata up, I can clearly see his legs/thighs … *nosebleeds*

Makeup! It sure took a LOT of time to transfer him into Yuki-chan kabuki version ne, from head to toe. ROFL! I have that heating eyelash curler too!! I guess I’m the same as everyone, I can hardly divert my eyes from Takki’s chest XDD

Kabuki scene! Fight scene! weeeeee~~ Tono, you rock!!

BTW, I think I’ve seen bits and pieces of the extra before but this extra goes into more details. Plus, I couldn’t remember exactly what I watched back then, so everything is good as new to me LOL

There’s also 2-minute promo clip and some cast/director interview, approx 35-40 minutes (please don’t ask me what were they talking about, I’m very close to being clueless LOL but each of them got to talk about Takki ^^).

Last but not the least…

TONO~~~~ I bought this DVD!! I’m a good employee!! XDD


3 Responses to [Takki] Yukinojo Henge DVD

  1. tsubaholic says:

    You are a very good employee!!!
    Especially when he just updated his Takiren and told everyone to purchase it. *LOL*

    and the packaging is lovely!!
    i totally agree. Avex, go learn from NHK!!!! I was bummed that the Premium DVD didn’t even have a real booklet filled with pictures.

  2. naughtiest says:

    i’m very easy to persuade I guess LOL

    Avex really has no clue know how to make an impactful presentation when it comes to CD/DVD cover & booklets ^^”

  3. Reiko says:

    Totally agree with you on that one, naughtiest. (re cd/dvd cover booklet presentation) Avex surely needs a lesson (or several lol) from NHK with the design aspects & marketing distribution of their cd/dvds. And supposedly Avex is a professional business too and then…*tsk…tsk…* -_-

    Seeing your photos here from the inside made me wonder what it looked like, since I still hadn’t opened mine yet. *hides/runs* I figured everyone else was gonna post about theirs so, I didn’t get the chance to open it, much less view the ‘making of’ portion either. *cry* Now after coming here, you’ve ‘urged’ me into opening it. lol (how to save the shrink wrap, I’ve no clue) I guess I just didn’t want my fingerprints to go all over the box cover and booklet too. lol

    But…but…the ‘making of’ parts…*runs to see* O.O

    Thank you for making these cute little pics to the dvd. See, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known what was inside my own boxset. *sigh*

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