It’s been a stressful week, even a happy-go-lucky me couldn’t deal with it too well v__v; I wasn’t stressed out, but I felt so exhausted by too many stupid things.

Anyway, the news of T&T new single helps. Whether the single is going to be Ai Uta or Koi Uta XD

And *BEAMS* weeeheeeee FINALLY!!!! ^____________^


Two months ago, I bought this DVD from one of the girls in a Thai T&T forum, of course, she sent it to my house in Thailand. My family has a habit of not sending stuff to me no matter how I bug them, as they usually wait until I go back home to get them myself or till when they come over to visit each year. This time, it’s the latter~

Last year, I tried to hunt down this DVD in Yahoo! Auction but had to give up several times after the price reached ¥15,000 (once witnessed closing price at ¥38,000 +__+ that’s half a round trip ticket to Japan already!!!). You have no idea how thrilled I was when I saw a post in the forum trying to sell it at an almost-no-markup price, I almost did a backflip! XDD

Yes, I’ve watched this concert so many times before, but having the official DVD in my hands sure gives a different feeling!

Plus, Tsu in a bathrobe was sooooo cute! XDDD


4 Responses to Tsuba-con: summer concert 2004

  1. Bonnie says:

    oh god, i kno right!! those prices are seriously ridiculous. im just glad theyre not doing the whole “FC Only” thing anymore…

    but yea, i felt bad when i d/led this DVD (YES, I d/led a dvd. Dont act like u guyz havent done it either XD) but thats cause it was FC Only!! whether that should be an exception to our Rules or not, i have no idea.

    but seriously, this DVD compared to his 23 to 24… both unbelieveably beautiful, but his style has definitely changed ne~

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    I have is 24-24 DVD, but I’ve NEVER seen this one before…uuuaaaaa… you’re so lucky to find it!
    Thanks for the little glimpse. LOL. Glad you didn’t have to give up both your legs for it. XD *dies*

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    errr 23 -24 DVD…I can’t type today~ v__v

  4. naughtiest says:

    tough call ne, especially when they’re not available for public. I didn’t d/l it though, even worse, I first bought a VCD copy from a seller who’s probably d/l-ed it =__= (you can tell how desperate I was to watch this concert! LOL)
    but you’re right, his style did change, I think 23 to 24 was more mature, sexy and seductive ^^

    this is Tsubasa’s first solo concert back in 2004 ^^ DVDs were only available through j-web which makes them so super duper expensive on auction sites. ^^”

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