ending this work week with a giant tight knot on my right wing shoulder blade *grumbles*one wrong move and I had to fight this pain for the past 3 days. Back massage didn’t really help either, my other bones cracked but the stupid knot wouldn’t go away.

going to visit my acupuncturist tomorrow. and probably my chiropractor.

hail to free health insurance!

hilarious week at work trying to explain to my team about a coconut *lol* thank goodness for google

last time it was a durian, the king of fruits (aka stinkiest fruit on earth), we had a good laugh for days about it

food talk at work is always fun!

diversity moment ;)

kinda sorta in a photoshop mood but bed probably wins

some tweets made my night, 2 nights in a row~

twitter is a happy place ♥

TV this week

  • monday – my boss forced me to watch DWTS *headdesks*
  • tuesday – watched east coast feed of AI so I can watch LOST at 9pm PST. SO LOST. OMG DESMOND IS THE CONSTANT!!
  • wednesday – I love David Archuleta so hard. Imagine. piano. white pants. so beautiful. and his flailing. so adorb!
  • thursday – TIGER WOODS RETURNS! iPhone app for the Masters is amazing! also amazing is Flashforward!
  • friday/saturday/sunday – THE MASTERS RULES!

Friday off is still precious ♥


2 Responses to twitpic wins ♥

  1. glenda says:

    Flashforward is one of the other shows I actually watch :p Sarah found this guy on youtube & I thought you might like to see him. He plays piano ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg7-iXfW6jY That’s just one video; he’s got tons. Hope your shoulder blade gets better soon. You might try one of those “stick on” heating things…Therma-Care? Cute pic!

  2. naughtiest says:

    omg you totally know I have a super soft spot for pianist *__* also, I’ve been into Nodame Cantabile lately, so anything orchestra is IN right now xD

    and you’re a psychic because I have Thermacare on my shoulder for the past 3-4 days (i’ve sweating like a dog since the weather is getting warmer LOL)

    have a good weekend, glenda~ <3

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