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Disc 001 – Best Tour 07~08


*kyaaaaaa* gold and silver ero Samurai from outer space! Nice opening. But what the heck was wrong with that camera, why did they have to add that soft-focus filter/effect? Forgive my eyes, I tended to look for R&J in those pants all the time xD Also, I liked the thing that wrap around Tsu’s shoes and calves, it made that pants look 10x kakkoii-er~

Takki with minimal makeup, we can see him pimple ^^ kawaiiii~ (<– 100% biased xD)

My dad asked if Makino was a girl? ROFL

Yumemo Twist was so cute!

Battle call cracks me up. Takki sitting down and writing on the floor when Tsu’s calls were way louder was sooooo adorable! Tsubasa, were you on crack or what? When he sat down spread eagle on the floor, I screamed XD Takki kissed his own uchiwa then puked ROFL! Tsubasa! You hugging devil! XD

Tsu’s christmas card idea was super sweet. Yakusoku ~World Wing~ was so emotionally beautiful. I love the fact that this version didn’t have a chorus voice, just pure Tsubasa. And the big screen, towards the end, those holding hands… whose hands? Was it any significant meaning? (of course, you know how much I love T&T holding hands LOL)

Yuki-chan!!! XDD Kimagure Jet was so cute. Takki’s such an adorable dork/performer. Would be even cuter if the rocket on the screen had “Tackey Express” on it ^^

Kakko Tsukanai Tonight — kakkoiiiiii I don’t know why but I really like this song and the furitsuke, it’s a lot of fun dancing along at the concert~

Let’s talk about the outfit real quick. I liked the style. 3 pieces. And since I like the pants more, I’d say the fabric for the jacket didn’t match. They looked good separately but weird when combined. I don’t know, like they came from different designers. It’d be nice, if they could pick one fabric over the other. Either sparkling or polka dots, just pick one! XD

DIAMOND! (<– needs no explaination! XDD) That diamond behind them looked like the bottom of spacecraft. Were they trying to tell us that they’re really from other planets? ;) Junior formation was cool, I like that

Another OT. Every single time I watch Diamond performance or any unit dance track, I couldn’t help but think about the amount of pressure that might be on Takki. You know, dancing beside one of the best dancers (if not the best already) of JE, how hard it would be to keep up? That’s why I winced when I saw people talked bad about his dancing. Seriously, if you looked at a lot of JE groups out there, Takki’s movement is much sharper and stronger (aka he’s not flailing around *coughs*) because he’s with Tsu, hence his standard is way higher than usual. (am I making any sense here?)

awww the piano version of Serenade was so beautiful, showcased their voices so well. This is the first time I saw them perform Serenade in concert in HQ (Fancam doesn’t count xD), so I went oooooh they caught the stick! XDD

True Heart kills. Their voices improved so much over the years. When I first heard the recording over that x’mas break, I almost died. Any chance for this version to be in their next album? (Also, I wish Avex would have included the VTR showed during True Heart and Koi yo along with the extras T__T )

Matchy-san and Mezamero Yasei part were not there, was it because Matchy-san is labeled under Sony Records? bleh, they’re still all JE! Avex, boo boo!!

Do Me Crazy *goes nuts* HOLY MOTHER OF EROGOD!!! His hip is killing me! I don’t even know what to say besides “raw sex” *purrs* For those of you who watched this DMC live and could remember the details, your brain is strong, I salute you! The chain and collar fit him so well. And he’s such an evil tease, taking his jacket off 1/4 way then put it back on. Oh, and one of the camera crew was definitely a pervert, I like him! XD Now, I wanna see the half-naked version!!!!! *bawls*

Journey is not my most favorite Takki’s ballad. And I still have an image of him carrying that suitcase burned into my brain along with that ‘dondake dondake’ XD But the moment all instruments dropped and it’s just his pure voice, I got goosebumps and fell in love all over again. So beautiful. But I hate his outfit. Normally, I’d drool at Takki in white, but not this one. It’d look nicer if the inside is not pink (and that awful shirt). I know, I know. He had no time to change for the next song, but…. Takki, why couldn’t you just dance half-naked with only your pink pants? ^^”

I love Yakusoku~LAST!! Very very nice arrangement (but those shirts must go v_v;) Ever since I’ve heard about Yakusoku (x2), I’ve been thinking that they could have done something with these songs during concerts, kinda duet combining Flower Song and World Wing, but I’d never thought about a new version. So when I heard the recording, I bounced with joy. Something ONLY Takitsuba can do, right?! ^___^ The hand movement was cute, and I think it’s easier to follow Takki. LOL Tsu’s hand had extra edge, it confused me at the beginning xD I love Takki’s slight grin when they walked towards each other near the end of the song! ^^

Colorful Kamen!

Dance version of Kamira Tamara was cool! But this was the 3rd song in a row with those flowery shirts! How long did they intend to keep them on?! >”< and can someone get rid of Takki’s hat, please?

Takki’s blowing a kiss at the end of X~dame~! so cute!

I swear, T&T butt-shaking made those shirts a bit bearable XD

I have a perverted thought when I saw Takki holding his black tie *runs*

Awww Daydreamer was so beautiful… I always melt into a puddle of goo when Takki sings high chorus (but I still love Epilogue as an ending, it’s like a T&T trademark to me) <– which was why I hated those GM brothers so VERY bad >”<

Aishiteruze was cute but no hadaka ribbon Tsubasa T__T, Avex you meanie!! Outfit critics again! LOL I eventually think that the nutcracker jackets wouldn’t look so bad IF they wore it with matching red sparkling pants! Takki’s santa hat was super cute! Tsu’s shaking his butt! kawaiii~

Encore was super cute and lively but too short! Takitsuba returned to their mothership too soon! I want more!!!!




I have to say it again and again that I’m super grateful that Avex gave us 2 full concerts, as I was bracing myself for something like Hatachi DVD ^^” However, I still hate them for not including every single thing, come on, we don’t mind a 4-disc box set! And the worst part was there’s no T&T holding hands in this concert! OMG how could you do this to us, Avex?!

LIVE! They sang sooooo many songs live I’m impressed. Let me scream this out loud: T&T CAN SING!! (unlike.. bwahaha you know what I want to say next? hehe)

Camera angle was quite weird. There were a bunch of time that they should have captured both T&T together from front-view, but they did not. I actually wonder if they had a camera right smack in the middle/center area?

Way too many juniors (with reused T-shirts) as usual ^^”

I’d say it’s not the best-outfit concert ^^” Didn’t they usually change more often? That designer should be kicked. I actually prefer T&T with simple outfits. Like jeans and tanktop, shirt and pants, suit, mid-calf jacket, B&W, silver, gold and basic colors, sparkling is fine with me. No hat please. They’re gorgeous as is, you don’t have to layer them up too much!

Also, before their solo songs, when Takki had to finish their song by himself, and let Tsu went back to change for his solo corner, and when it’s his turn, he came out with either orange jumpsuit or that white coat, with outfits for the next song inside. I found that very cute of Takki. Giving his Princess time to change properly, while he layered himself up with whatever and quickly strip on stage. xD

Tsu had way more fan interaction than Takki. Seriously, Takki only plays with kids now v__v;

Love the ending credits, they never forget to thank the fans. :)


Thank you Avex. Thank you TAKITSUBA, for two full hours of joy! I love you!

That’s all I could think of for now ^^

Last but not the least, Enbujou 08 kicked off on 4/2, GOOD LUCK, TONO!! I know you’ll push all limits and amaze us all once again, but please also take care of yourself too!


3 Responses to [T&T] Tackey & Tsubasa Premium Live DVD: Best Tour 07~08

  1. Sannah says:

    Wow………its really long gibberish ……….but Im all smiling reading it…….I agree with you that Takki’s dancing skills is not that bad……actually I love it…..the way he dance is sexy and manly for me……but what I like the most…..is the encore collection with Tt facing each other and shaking their shoulders back and forth…..they looked really having a good time…especially Takki he looks like he’s giving his heart in that dance and he looks so happy………

  2. kiwi says:

    LOL… you are only slightly less hysterical than I am. hehe.

    I agree 100% with what you said.
    Very good choices with your 4 screenies :P

    Takki’s dance may not the same standard as tsu’s, but it is definitely part of his charm! I’m sure tsu thinks so too… very cute and takki-ppoi. Plus he really does keep up quite well in the unit dances… Sadame, Black Butterfly and Shelter (lol) are all good dance performances!!!

  3. naughtiest says:

    I just couldn’t stop fangirling once I started. Thanks for reading on! I’m glad you can get a smile out of it ^__^ I think so, Takki’s dance move is kakkoii in his own unique way ^^ and we love it when they’re both smiling doing cute things together ne~ :)

    yes, I agreed, you’re slightly more insane than I am! XDD oh boy, picking only 4 screencaps out of 300+ was very tough…

    ooh yes, Black Butterfly, I still couldn’t stop drooling, he’s smokin’ hot in that one~ and Shelter! ROFL I was also thinking about Circle! xD

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