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Disc 001 – Dame Arena Concert 2007


I actually had a hard time writing about this DVD as it brought back so many memories. Seeing T&T in real life for the first time. How happy I was to finally be there.

Of course, this DVD was from Yokohama Arena, but still.. same outfits et al, it’s still the same Damecon that I went to at Osakajo. All the excitement, happiness, joy, and obviously, lovesickness by the time I left Osakajo. I remember crying when my plane took off from Narita a few days later. I was that sad ^^”

Anyway, back to this lovely DVD! ^^

Parrot outfit! hmm I just noticed silver thingy on the back of their jacket, wings? (btw, I like Dame outfit way better than Best Tour ^^”) They’re just sooooo cute when they did that mini twist together ^^ Oh boy, Tsu with long hair! How long ago was that?! What a contrast from that monk-do from Best Tour DVD? LOL

I felt like a pervert staring at R&J in silver pants ^^”

Hosama = holy cuteness!!! Kyaaaaaa!! *pinches pinches* skipping down the runway, followed by butt shaking~ weeee~~

2B was so kakkoi~~ *purrs* I love this outfit~ I hope we’ll get this kind of dance songs from Takitsuba again soon. It’s so much fun and high tension during the con!

I couldn’t get over the fact that Tsu didn’t even mention Takki’s name during Aishiteruze! Do-Ebil, indeed. LOL Takki’s expression was so cute. Also, Tsu’s near-giggle expression when Takki said omedetou to his sister too XD And what gibberish Chinese did Takki speak? LOL

Battle call was so cute! Takki squinting his eyes trying to see what Tsu’s up to was soooo CUTE! I love it when Takki took Tsu’s uchiwa and did ‘get down’ move. Tsu kissed a lot of Takki’s uchwa ne ^__^ and at the end when Tsu’s super cute when he walked back to the stage, and tried to relay a message to Takki~

I LOVE KTT! LOL it’s been like this since I first heard the song, I feel so pumped up every single time ^^ Plus I love the way they touched their chests during the furitsuke~

Natsu no kaze was so beautiful.. Takki’s biceps were a bit distracting though XD It’s funny that actually for once, Tsubarnold’s biceps were bigger than Takki’s, but Takki’s were more distracting anyway LOL

Toriko! This is where Osaka beats Yokohama! Bwahaha Tsu was shirtless at Osaka, both shows~ XD This song’s damn hot, and the way Tsu dragged his middle finger down the mic stand is just nosebleed worthy *faints*

Ki.Se.Ki! *dead* EMO!!! If Tsu rocked my world with Toriko, then Takki shook my entire being with Ki.Se.Ki! *dead dead* It’s freakin’ beautiful and when Takki hit all high notes, I got goosebumps and almost cried. The song, the piano, the setting, and Takki. All beautiful. *purrs* I remember listening repeatedly to this song after I got back from Japan last year..


Can I say something about their pants? xD What did their costume people think picking a glittery fabric for THAT part of their pants?! ROFL oh, they want us fans to be satisfied!!! XDD

I love how they used pink and purple for their jacket linings too~ ^^

You gotta love Pride-Diamond combo, how could everyone’s brain not deep-fried after these two songs?

*giggles* These two silly but super adorably dorks looked so good in sleeveless shirts~ *spanks Tsu’s butt* xD ♥

Samurai Samurai~ I called this outfit indecisive, so many things put together on ther jacket LOL One camera angle during this song looked so much like a fancam o_O

Crack moment was when Tsu’s mic went flying after he slammed the mic stand to the ground! XD

Koiyo = LOVE. Everything. From T&T voice (which improved sooooo much compared to their junior years) to the VTR which ended with T&T holding hands (and if you know me, you know how I melt into a puddle of goo every single time I see them doing so). I love this VTR! Why couldn’t Avex include it with this DVD?! *whines* I remember being in tears on the 2nd show at Osaka, seeing how emo they’re during this song. I love it when they closed their eyes while singing, making it much more emotional.

Sadame! Tono~~~~ I always love it when he dances (not just hand furitsuke) *fangirls* Anyway, I feel like Takki seems more comfortable/relaxed dancing when he’s wearing a hat. LOL I don’t know, it’s like his steps are sharper with his hat on (like Black Butterfly in One! ^^ )

EDGE KILLS! lol holy princess of hotness! *faints* I love all his moves from the way he walked, he dragged his shoe, he moved his hands, he moved his legs, he rolled his hips, DAMN WILD! That red light.. *DIES*

btw, why did they put those chibiko on stage? They sooooo did not belong LOL

I love Tsu’s outfit in Kamen!! He looked so good in that vest~

This concert had way too many junious! ARGHHHH!!!

T&T were so hyper after Kamen! SUPER CUTE!

I’m still impressed how high Takki jumped everytime during Hito natsu no, he’s on spring~ XD

I love Yumemo. LOL It’s my energy booster song. I usually played it when my brother’s driving my car. And once I started doing the furitsuke, he’d shake his head and try to drive faster LOL One thing I like about Yumemo is that they always sing this song live :) I love how slightly off-tuned they are ^^

Takki’s yume twist cracked me up xD

I love how they casually held each other’s hand, like jigsaw pieces, a perfect fit. Takki and-o Tsubasa!! ^___^

Epilogue was soooooooooo beautiful. That spiral stairs. T&T in white on top of the world. The feathers (I did grab some back home when I was in Osakajo along with Crazy Rainbow ribbons xD). It’s like being in a T&T heaven~ ♥

(gosh, I seriously love damecon outfits more than best tour!)

OMG HOW SWEET COULD IT BE! Tsu picked a residual feather off Takki’s hair. And look at how they smiled at each other~ Sweet moment caught on film. ^_____^

I adore how they modified their t-shirts

Encore. Ebil Tsu whispered to Takki to torture the fans by saying baibai~~ LOL They both were SO DAMN CUTE and super HYPER!!! How exhausted they must be but they’re still giving it all in for their fans. That’s why we love them right? ^^

Takki’s silly dance at the beginning of encore remix was so cute!





This concert meant so much to me, from the beginning to the end. One thing I realized, Yokohama Arena is damn big. The atmosphere was so grand. But I still like the cozy tiny feeling of Osakajo though since we could see T&T wherever they were. Without A-san balloting tickets for me this year, it’s going to be a painful nerve wrecking finding good seats ^^”

Once again, BIG thanks to Avex for giving us this DVD. I know these Anniversary package DVDs are expensive, but they worth every single penny.

Last but not the least, thank you TAKITSUBA, I LOVE YOU!


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