what an uneventful April 1st. lol

This morning, my boss walked in and said “Good morning, Sara, I couldn’t believe Didi is gone” all in one breath. ROFL! I knew it!! I knew he’d be upset with AI Top 10 result show!!

One of my coworkers suggested that we started voting for Teflon Tim, to make sure that this will be the last season of American Idol once this dude becomes AI champ. LOL what a horrid mental image!!!

messing around with database today, came up with an awesome query (but messy as hell~ Access, why are you so confusing?! lol)

UN Foundation posted some photos from David and Neal’s Ethiopia trip on Flickr. I want to smile and cry and giggle at the same time. They’re giving me complex. I love these guys and their beautiful hearts so hard I don’t even know how to explain ♥

photo credit: UN Foundation

btw, one reporter during the phone conference on 3/31 deserved a bitchslap. you know which one I’m talking about.

I love whoever wrote WPTouch plug-in, it’s really easy to use. Very flexible in terms of settings. My blog looks really nice on my phone, especially the tiny little icon for my DC Murders Me page~ *lol*

also, IE6 is evil, stay away from that browser, kids~ Go Safari! Go Firefox!

IICD clip seems to be a hit my blog almost exploded today, umm, YAY? I hope no one from the show come sue my poor ass for posting it though *lol*

I got a few tweets from some fans which made my day. Their kind words are totally worth the pain of staying awake, moving 80GB of my music library off to external HD to make room for growing  monster clip and its temp files, and dozing off in a meeting the next day. Thank you, guys! :)

one thing. I saw a lot of tweets asking (as in asking someone else, not me, I don’t know why they don’t want to talk to me?! lol) if the clip/audio has static. well, the answer is no. I wouldn’t post it as FULL audio/video if there’s a long period of obvious static ne~ (*coughs*ignore those unfortunate buffering*coughs*)

btw, had I made an April Fools joke about this clip this morning, fangirls would probably stomp me to death by now. no kidding~ LOL


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