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September 9, 2007 | photo |

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to go to my friend’s wedding, as a guest photographer! xDD It’s my first time taking on a job at a big event like this…. oh man, I suck big time. I took about 500 pix, but really liked only a few of them >__<” Luckily, my other friend’s and my camera combined, we managed to (sort of) pull it off  ^^”

Wedding is all about ‘moment’ ne~ Everything happened so fast, and I was running around like a headless rabbit xD I told my camera-girl friend in advance that I’m very bad at taking people’s picture, so I tried to mostly focus on props, and leave most of the portraits up to her lol (didn’t really work though xD) It’s so hard to get the composition right, especially when the groom is a foot taller than the bride! Too tall!! LOL

For some reasons, I really like this pix, even though it’s kind of blurry *artistic artistic* LOL

Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her Mr.Big!! He rocked!
And biggest thanks to my friend, for trusting me and my other friend on her big day! XD


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