wrestling mask, anyone?

March 23, 2008 | takitsuba |

A-san went to all-last con at Fukuoka. She sent me an email that she had a blast, I’m jealous! XD Almost 3 hours of T&T, 2.5 hr for the regular part then 4 encores. FOUR freakin’ encores, including half-naked T&T, oh man I wanna be there T___T

Tiny hall, fully packed, small stage.

They celebrated Takki’s birthday with a huge cake. Takki said after the concert, he’ll go eat this cake with Tsubasa, don’t any junior dare to disturb. xD Tsu then said after this concert tonight, he’ll be with Takki, just the two of them, staff-san and juniors don’t bother us! LOL

B-day present is a collection of wrestling masks.

ROFL!! Imai-san, is this a part of your fetish gear?! Or an invitation of some sort to the real birthday present?!

For some reasons I have a picture of Tsu with some cake cream/dressing on his yummy tanned body lying/stretching lazily on the bed, just like a kitten, chain and collar intact. Takki moving closer to the scene, wearing that wrestling mask, with a whip in his hand, and Taste Me as a BGM! (or should it be Do Me Crazy?) *purrs* XDD

Anyway, Takki put the mask on right away, that wrestling dork. ;) Then he wore it again during encore too.

I think lucky Rikiya got his daily dose of T&T kisses again? XD

Freebies if you purchase DVD at the venue are posters: DVD covers, Takki!One (which one, I wonder?) and Best Album, so A-san didn’t get them for me since I told her I don’t want posters LOL

Gotta bug A-san more about Aishiteruze once she wakes up ^^


2 Responses to wrestling mask, anyone?

  1. mich says:

    Me also jealous XDDDD
    i’m still so high over all that birthday surprises!! The juniors and staff-san, and manager-sans better leave them alone!!!! :D

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Awwww! It’s nice that they can spent time together just one on one, with no staff or juniors! XD
    The mask collection was sweet of Tsubasa! You’re little vision is cute ne. LOL. Who knows, since no one was there but them. *runs* It probably made the cake taste sweeter. *runs like the wind* ==3=3=3

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