I skipped lunch again today to go get the package at FedEx. The agent there giggled at me when she handed me the box and she saw my hands were trembling XDD I got in my car, ripped Amazon box open, carefully open the package, and laughed my butt off by those booklet covers! xD Oh boy, we have to talk about this LOL

Anyway, I drove back to the office, popped the offshot C DVD in, and prayed that VLC would work with my office laptop (yeah, security issues, normally I can’t (urr.. and am not supposed to) install any program on the computer ^^”) and YAY, IT DID!

Sneakingly watching it at the office was tough, people walked to my desk all the time, phone rang, definitely quite an experience~ LOL I decided to watch offshot C then Damecon since I needed more brain to focus on Best Tour.

After work, I drove home in a record time, watched Tiger Woods on Golf Channel with Dad for a while before I took over my brother’s 61″ TV and started watching Best Tour 07-08. Oh boy, size does matter, it’s far better than watching it on 22″ in my bedroom LOL Two hours later, my brain was declared dead. XD




I went over all discs already, but need to re-watch it to slowly gather my braincells back. So I’ll come back and edit this post later.

Best Tour 07-08 || Damecon || A – documentary || A – offshot || B – MCs || B – offshot || C – offshot

For now, the shortest one! (C-offshot 3/20)

2 down, 5 to go. AHHHH how can they be this cute! (added A-documentary 3/21)

3 down, 4 more to go. This is gonna take me weeks as I still couldn’t get passed jacket A documentary LOL (added A-offshot 3/22)

4 down, 3 more to go.. keep it coming, babe! XD (added B-offshot 3/25)

5 down, extras completed! (added B-MCs 3/28)

Plan changed. Will talk about both concerts separately as this post is getting long~ :)


Jacket A: Disc 003 – Premium Documentary to the Arena




Jacket A: Disc 003 – Offshot A & Real DX




Jacket B: Disc 003 – MC Collection




Jacket B: Disc 003 – Offshot B & Kamira Tamara




Jacket C: Disc 002 – Offshot C & Diamond




-completed 2008.03.28-


10 Responses to [T&T] Tackey & Tsubasa Premium Live DVD: Extras (completed!)

  1. mich says:

    kyyyaaaaaaa~~~~ can’t wait to get back to watch offshots A & Damecon! another hour or so more~~~ Offshots C screencaps are so much love already… That encore footage was from the all-last @Yokoari! :D

  2. tsubaholic says:

    Oh my I totallly forgot to watch the “Diamond” multi-angles on Jacket C. *LOL*
    I was so moved by that offshot….
    Jacket C really had a lot of nice T&T moments. T&T talking during rehearsals, that twist, very sweet.
    And a lot of naked Tsuba *LOL*

  3. naughtiest says:

    thanks for the info! watching all these offshots repeatedly makes me want to go to their hall tour sooooo bad I can’t prioritize my life anymore! XDD offshot C is short but very cute, you’ll love it! ^^

    LOL I actually forgot it too, until I looked at disc menu and went…ehhh Diamond? XDD
    T&T were really happy together in offshot C, they’re definitely meant to be ne~ Seeing their smiles simply makes my world brighter already ^^

  4. mich says:

    ah, gomen, i might be wrong abt that encore footage! i juz saw tsu hadaka in that shorts and assumed! lol~ sumami (v_v;)

    but great job on wiping off that dude in black, he was really distracting hehe…

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    I’m still waiting on my DVD to get here (v__v) I think customs is to blame.
    I could only afford Jacket C…and it looks like it will be worth the wait!
    Thanks for all the spoilers (lol)!
    The spaceship/Star Wars like theme is interesting…maybe Takki and Tsu are going off to colonize their own private planet.
    *runs like the wind*

  6. naughtiest says:

    *hugs* I think they are from at least 5 different encores la ^^ (just had enough brain to watch and think again LOL)

    awww *pets* how come they held your package for so long~!! *whacks the customs* Jacket C is very nice, even though not equipped with Damecon, C has the best booklet in all 3! ^^ hope you get your copy soon!

  7. Stephi-chan says:

    I just got my copy yesterday!
    I’m pleased with it! Already did my offshot report LOL. I about died from all the cuteness.

  8. skammie says:

    I really enjoyed reading your report!
    I’m still waiting for my copy. It should get here in the next few days, I think. I ordered Jacket B only though….

    Did you have a favorite out of the 3 versions?

  9. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you like this report, I had a lot of fun writing this post, soooo many cute moments to talk about! I bet if we have a fangirl party, we can talk about it all night XD

    hmmm I really couldn’t pick a favorite ne~ each of them has a unique/cute stuff. But if I have to recommend, I’d say either A or B first :) So, B is definitely a good choice with all the MC talks, lots and lots of their super cute smiles! ^__^

  10. skammie says:

    hehe, awesome! I’m looking forward to it! :D

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