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March 17, 2008 | et cetera |

I got home last night from my business trip to San Diego for the Women in Aviation conference. It was an interesting trip. I did learn a lot. About the industry. About interesting women in aviation history. About working attitude. But the most important, about people.

I’m writing about my trip since we’ll have to do a report out to our leadership team, so blogging about it should help me gather all the thoughts together.

My coworkers and I were down there for 5 days. We hit the restaurants on 5th Avenue almost every night, super yummy food. The weather was really nice (even though I got stuck inside the building over 65% of the time) but seriously, I think there’s something in San Diego air. Yes, I’ll leave this to your interpretation. LOL

As usual, my back hurts. I blame that on the plane ride even though it’s nothing compared to a 10-hour flight to Japan. LOL Also, my stupid right foot still hurt, it actually started hurting again after I wore flip flops and walked for about 2 miles, but I couldn’t possibly force myself to wear heels at the beach, heck no.

ARGHHHH SORE!!! I can’t wait for my massage appointment this evening! >”<


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