random thoughts on If I Can Dream reality show(?) when David, Neal and Andy went to visit peeps in that house. My feed was quite decent minus some buffers here and there.

OMG~ almost 2.5 hours of awkwardness and awesomeness combined! lol

In short:

  • I’m so glad Neal and Andy were at the house with David. The night would be even more awkward without them.
  • David was very charming, polite, smart and adorable. ♥
  • Neal talked more than I’ve ever imagined!
  • Andy was effing cute, eating, talking, looking at the camera. so adorb!
  • love their sense of humor (lots of inside jokes), love the exchanges between David/Neal/Andy, including eye contacts/silent communication
  • David kept coming back to twitter screen, which was actually a very brilliant tactic. It can be really uncomfortable with strangers while having cameras one your every move. Plus twitter seems to be a great conversation generating tool.
  • I love their brains and how they tackled the questions, it just shows how quick, smart and witty they are :)
  • I think DNA (David/Neal/Andy) were being themselves, but at the same time holding it back as they’re well-aware of all the cameras. I really do think they’re more hilarious/interesting than this in real life.
  • btw, these guys need a better exit strategy, just in case! I bet they totally wanted to go home but didn’t know how to politely do it sooner! LOL
  • my-fangirling-self used to say I want to see DC in a reality TV show, but after this IICD episode, I totally changed my mind as I love his privacy way more than my viewing pleasure.

long winding details behind cut!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  • late arrival, LA traffic
  • housewarming gift = wines
  • house tour is weird, and yes, very awkward.
  • Justin asks if JJF is DC’s new song! ← *dies giggling*
  • guitar dude’s room is totally set up for photo ops, who sits their guitars at the end of their bed like that? *bleh* get your yucky arm off DC!!
  • me no likes the model chick already -“- even her hair annoys me now
  • DC on the phone LOL see, this is what we call SMART~ promo promo!
  • DC: ‘there’s camera everywhere, I’m kinda freaking out’ ← ROFL
  • (giant Elvis on the wall is actually creepy)
  • eating!Andy Skib is one of my most favorite things from that night
  • they offer the guys milk? lol ‘Pepsi’ is more like it
  • DC: ‘am I the only one drinking (wine)?’ NFT: *raises hand* I’ll try one of those, you know.. XD
  • food talk. beverage talk. small talk.
  • spicy pizza, David’s on fire while Andy keeps on eating lol
  • wine shopping at Costco, I’ll have to dig through my uncle’s collection and see if there’s any 2007 la crema
  • one of the girl: ‘I’m never embarrassed about myself.. whatever I do..’ ← yeah, no wonder you’re on this internet show…
  • The Truman Show ← me no likes Jim Carrey :P

some notes about resident dreamers

  • *snorts*
  • these 4 wannabes (plus one really sick (strep?)  dude we don’t get to see his face, which is good since I don’t want his germs to be anywhere near the guys) in the house.. have they really auditioned for this reality show? If so, Simon Fuller really really really have to take a look at their audition process and pick better candidates
  • not only they’re so annoying and boring, they sound so dumb..
  • like brainless dumb, seriously
  • tip: google your house guest(s) so you won’t sound so clueless next time, you’re not that cute
  • grrr.. those annoying giggles and loud laughter #$)&!)@&#!!!
  • the guitar dude Justin is way beyond the definition of annoying, to the point that he’s driving viewers nuts. I really want to reach through their camera, snatch that guitar from him and smash it on his head. And I bet I’m not the only one.
  • I think they do an awful job at being a good host, because their manner suck.
  • When David, Neal and Andy arrive at their front door, David tells them they’ve brought wines as a housewarming gift. None of them reaches out to take those bottles. David and Andy have to take them the kitchen themselves. And they don’t even thank the guys!
  • Andy has to walk over to another room to get napkins. When they moved to beer pong, the guests have to set it up D:
  • there’s more, but I don’t want to talk about them, so that’s it


  • he doesn’t know what’s gonna make the record yet
  • wouldn’t it be hilarious if he says this IICD house is a horrid idea and he wants to run?
  • NFT cracks up when there’s a pause after DC answer the question. lol
  • said he usually types his tweet and sit on it for a second, to me, it means he has brain and knows what he’s doing, unlike one of the girls in that house who says she just types and sends
  • listen to Jimmy Eat World and Mae a lot while running ← I had Brink of Disaster stuck in my brain for almost a week after DC tweeted about it, thank you very much, Mister~ lol
  • Truman Show vs MTV’s Real World?
  • RIGHT HERE WITH YOU from NYC blog~ ← ♥ me wants the complete song NOW~
  • pizza is really good, very spicy, wine = la crema (sponsorship? lol)
  • *ROFL* it was GOOD winning American Idol. DC didn’t say who’s his favorite judge ← leave it to Crazy Legs to answer~ lol
  • haircut question – DC: ‘I’m balding, that’s why I cut my hair’ AS: ‘I do it once a year, kinda shedding’ ← oh how I love these guys lol AS says he just cut it the day before .. which makes it right before JJF perf. on idol~
  • has his own songs on ipod for cataloging purposes since it’s weird when it comes up while he runs ← would be cute if he just bursts out singing at the gym? xD

*tweets show up kinda slow* DC: keep them coming folks. AS: they like censor these? DC: oh, uncensor it, bring in the real, man~

  • i love how considerate he is by not picking favorites from the show because he totally know how it feels ♥
  • written some with Neal and Andy. tough schedule
  • (oh shrieking girl, who wants to know your roommate?! )
  • love performing since writing and recording has to wait (to see reaction/response)
  • *raises glass for NFT re: the awesome Jumpin’ Jack Flash performance* Andy is effing cute!
  • no producer yet for next album, meeting next week to figure it out

*tweets flood* DC: now they’re coming fast, maybe censor them a little bit.. ← lol what a dork~ ♥

  • more writing session with Zac Malloy for sure
  • growing up watching his dad plays music, so his dad is his inspiration *toasts to Stan~*
  • hope band name will be on the new album ← very diplomatic answer lol
  • no advice for Justin ← my guess is either because he sucks so bad no awesome advice can save him or the best advice is to quit which won’t be appropriate for the show  :P
  • songbook lyrical discrepancies~ HALF-FAITH blessing (seriously “half-baked”? xD)

hmm Neal does something here off camera, and David goes low voice and serious face (*faints* his eyes..)  “doctor. doctor. *briefly shakes his head very slightly* that’s not cool.” ← Andy’s right, I have no idea what’s going on. David kinda laughs it off in the end.

  • hope to start recording soon
  • going to Ethiopia soon with just NFT ← Andy pouts and fakes sobbing. SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! ♥
  • he doesn’t know what song to cover and put on an album. AS: Jumpin’ Jack Flash.. *ROFL* NFT: urrrr…
  • Fav Pearl Jam song~ DC –  Go / AS – Animal  (David, I don’t think those girls really know PJ)
  • obviously Neal’s 30 tattoos are CUTE lol
  • man-crushes~ NFT – changes every week / DC – Charlie Day / AS – Sean Connery
  • (oh man these girls really have no brain re: thinking before speaking (HA, no surprise!))
  • NFT chest tattoo is still in work, a couple more sessions. LOL at Andy describing Neal’s shirt buttons
  • likes Montreal. enjoyed KISS. Monty had a great time. Montreal loves southerner. (def some inside jokes)
  • hasn’t moved into the house with in-house studio yet, very new for them
  • DC: Andrew is not really doing anything right now, he works part time // NFT: (Andrew) he’s watching and hoping you’ll say his name, he’s got it // DC: you know, part of the internship, go to the grocery store // NFT: feed my dog *ROFL*

here’s the point where I died that night. LOL so I tweeted this (of all my questions, @iicdhouse chose to RT this one LOL) ↓

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Neal was like, which one, there’s two of them, so David told him to smile at both cameras *inserts Wayne’s World joke* btw, camera peeps, as soon as David finished reading this tweet, why they heck did you have to switch to the camera that focus on DC?! Neal was smiling for those cameras BEHIND DAVID’S HEAD, he even said “smile~” I WANNA SEE THAT~~~~~ Why did you do this to me?! *whines* I decided to stick with the main feed and didn’t switch around to other cameras since I was recording and didn’t want to lose my streaming session..boo! I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT SMILE! I should have thought of my laptop sooner, duh, maybe next time! lol

Anyway, before moving on to the next question, David looks at the screen and says:

“iNaughtiest.. that’s quite a name..”

#^$+&(@~&^)%#!(*!!! OMG LOLZ *DIES*

THAT took me a while to recover! LOL

  • Hurt Locker > Avatar. he says avatar is funnier, watched iMax 3D, very comical because of the people he went to the movie with so he probably laughed more than he should, so much that he had to pull over while driving home lol ← agreed! my friends and I went hysterical  at this cheesy movie too!
  • Abbey Road is cool, Andy wants more pizza  *ROFL* Neal actually brings a full plate of pizza for Andy xD
  • starts his first band at 15 (Q is about achieving his dream)
  • most memorable city from last tour. NFT – Macon, GA (old cathedral?) // AS – Baghdad (AS: is that one the tour? DC: nope. lol) // DC – Kansas City (Sandstone amphitheater?) // AS – Tulsa (DC asks if it’s the show where light exploded and he fell down but Andy thinks about Cain)
  • wants NFT to play him in a movie *ROFL*
  • no plan to act – explains about his scholarship, theater minor, major in mass comm but took mass comm intro 3 times and failed 3 times so he switched to graphic design ← *pinches* can he be even more adorably real?! I love it when he talks education, because that’s one of the facts I really love about him ♥
  • Spencer, idol crew, gave him that manatee towel (on stage during JJF) as a welcome back gift as he used to talk to David about manatees to help him keep his mind of the fact that he’s about to perform in front of 30 million people during AI7 ← awww that’s such a sweet gesture from both Spencer and David~
  • will not share the best lyrics of his career, don’t want to share until it’s a finished product ← Andy leans in “tell me real quick, tell me real quick”, while eating nonstop LOL so cute!
  • “I make bold statements”
  • re: pickup lines. someone said “what more do you need than ‘I won American Idol‘?” DC: that’s not a good pick up like AT ALL
  • he’s bad at pickup lines, and pickup in general. DC: I don’t have lines. lol
  • NCAA pick – Kentucky *sport geeks* can’t name all mascots as he’s not a fan of all 65 teams ← I think he probably can name for more than half..lol and one girl says they can’t watch TV. is this house a jail or something? XD
  • can’t remember how old when he had first kiss, but it’s outside pizza hut, he’s young.. younger. xD drinking pepsi, playing a gibson guitar ← lol these dorks!
  • someone said she’d die happy if DC wish her a happy birthday. Andy and Neal say don’t die. David is confused for a second then he gets it. He wishes her a happy birthday anyway ← I hope she’s still alive
  • fame doesn’t make him lonely but more isolated, he just has to surround himself with people he trusts
  • Chatroulette = absolutely NOT. NFT smiles, so cute!  ROFL hearing them talk about what’s going on during that rehearsal is a pure gem. one girl says sometimes it’s cool since you can run into someone from Europe or China *shakes head* David and Andy are like, yeah, but that’s minority, 90% of the time.. XD

BREAK for group shots ~ someone in the house asks if they’re in CA when the earthquake hit. DC: no we’re here. I woke up, my laptop and my phone were on the floor cause I keep them on my bed, but I didn’t wake up ← ROFL heavy sleeper!

  • movie he’s never tired of watching = Run Ronnie Run (NFT suggests this one) ← REALLY?! xD
  • iicdhouse vs american idol, says on idol he has a definite time he’s being seen, while iicdhouse is all the time

I’ll refrain myself from commenting on photo session, except that I only want group shots of D-N-A!

Neal went missing for a while, I think he was out smoking (totally understandable, must be stressful in that house lol)

oh and from this point on, Justin was annoying as hell with his guitar/singing, he didn’t even try to socialize properly. dang it, camera peeps, DC was talking about NFT but the switched to guitar dude camera *grumbles°

  • next tour ~ whatever size of venues that will have them
  • will leave sick!Ben a very nice note
  • he doesn’t keep journal, twitter is his journal ← lol
  • he’d love to have a streaming live concert (though no plan at the moment) ← *bounces*
  • 1st line from Declaration “I’ll take you..”


gosh, I thought they’re heading home, but eventually the night turned into a beer pong match between Team Cook and Team Tiemann *lol* David said he’s driving, maybe he shouldn’t play, so Andy got to be his designated drinker *lol*

Andy/Neal, why are you guys so cute?!

DC: I’m about to show the world my horrid beer pong skills ← turns out to be a true statement XD

sounded like David wasn’t really excited about this game…

DC: I got to be up at, what did I say, 6:30, 7:30?
NFT: I didn’t hear you ’cause I didn’t care! ← ROFL NFT! YOU WINS AT LIFE!

  • Monty tweeted them something
  • *waves to Argentinians*

AS: I think it’s actually funnier if we just play by ourselves, we get invited to somebody’s house and we just play by ourselves, HOW RUDE IS THAT?! I would feel compelled to play if it’s my house. ← WORD!

  • no pingpong ball, they tries paper ball, not great, finally ends up with foil balls
  • “what is a heartgasm? doesn’t sound good”
  • I love how they discuss the rule LOL
  • invitation from Toledo, if Toledo peeps pay, they’ll go
  • Neal is a beer pong champion~
  • ROFL Neal mocks my tweet!! ↓ I wasn’t yelling at him!! okay okay maybe I did, just a bit! :)

  • ((SH*T)) ← lol
  • FACT: a model can drink beer but can not eat a cookie…
  • DC: this twitter thing is killing me, I’m just gonna have to cancel twitter ← twitterville instantly has a panic attack lol
  • DAVID COOK CLEANING THE FLOOR  ♥__♥ awww awwww awwwwwwwww he’s folding the towel too~
  • Neal: you guys need a dog // Andy: yeah, floor will be clean right now
  • David: you guys (Neal and model chick) are winning the game and we don’t have to drink, everybody wins
  • someone suggests they should play strip beer pong, and DC goes “oh class.. how does that game even work?”
  • re: folding dishtowels, NFT: oh these cameras are wired? ← lol yes Neal they have 50+ cameras in that house, all wired!
  • DC: what am I doing, standing behind that cup, just asking for it~ (to get beer splash again lol)
  • Neal eventually finishes this game off!
  • and I still have a problem with this game…

They moved on to a table football game. Not much talking, this game was fierce~ lol one girl called Andy a monster. guitar dude was getting on everyone’s nerve. I love how David silently communicated with Andy (probably something along this line → dude, we need an emergency exit plan.. :P)

@jensuenye’s tweet re: creepy girlfriend showed up, DC: we know her. the girl asked who’s that? AS: that’s my girlfriend, my RL girlfriend. DC/NFT just cracked up ← so cute!

  • moving back to the kitchen
  • they tries to force them to take leftover pizza. DC says if Andrew tweets that he wants it, they’ll take it.
  • Andy: Can I have a Life please? ← I think he’s trying to tell these girls something.. lol
  • Kyle loves ice cream and is still in a better shape than the rest of the band
  • I LOVE NEAL’S TATTOO TALK!  Mexican painter // old tats need touch up // Dana = his mom // headless Medusa = greenish tattoo of a headless girl with big tits *DIES LAUGHING* NFT always pulls it off! // IASIP
  • NFT: My girlfriend is a makeup artist ← the way he mentions Kira is so damn sweet I’m melting ♥
  • 3 heads skull // little Gerber boy = his son *lol* // mr. sixx // star trek *skip straight to the next generation ROFL*
  • chest tattoo = coffin and snake around booze (old XXX) bottle
  • Neal talks a lot more than I’ve ever thought he would! :D
  • twitter: if DC answers the question, she’ll shave her head – DC: I don’t want somebody to shave their head ← that’s how amazing he is ♥
  • more Pepsi ← are they planning to keep DNA there all night?!
  • David asks for a bottle of water and gets a glass of water ← I don’t think the guest should have to ask for water, the host should be the one asking if DNA want anything to drink, they’re spending over 2 hours at their house!
  • giant jello shot = lime jello with a lot of vodka ← that sounds yummy actually~
  • DNA are leaving! FINALLY!!! I’m effing sleepy!
  • lol at Neal slamming the door on his way out. Time to scream bloody murder in Cookie’s car!

Andy and Neal probably strangled David in his car on their way home for pulling them into this, but I totally appreciated their appearance! Without them, it must be 1000x tougher and more miserable for David to get through that night!

It was an interesting night, kinda fun to see the guys in casual setting/off stage (and this is their WORK, to make this visit look casual!), but it made me realize that I don’t want to know every single detail of their private lives or how they spend their time in their own house. How NFT brushes his teeth in the morning, how DC sneezes, how AS eats that box of Life. I’d rather save those for my imagination!

Privacy FTW.

Anyways. I went to bed around 1am that night (morning), after frantically transferring my entire music library off to an external HD to make room for growing temp files. (and I had a meeting at 7am that morning. Brutal!!)

A price to pay to have too much fun at night!


It’s Kris and Cale’s turn to visit this haunted house on 3/23. May I say that Kris has got a better treatment? He got a bottle of water. He got to eat at a dining table. He didn’t have to turn around, craning his neck to read all those tweets as he sat facing that twitter screen! Everything looked more organized. Plus, they had a real camera crew there, not just in-house camera, and their web exclusive clips looked nicer!

Perhaps, David, Neal and Andy were Simon Fuller’s guinea pigs? ^^; Well, at least, they weren’t forced to jam with resident dreamers.

Hilariously, David tweeted #iicdhouse to ask Kris about his thoughts on group numbers ← must be really painful for him, so much that he couldn’t let go of this memory~ lol

I was watching LOST with my brother when text alert came in, so I scrambled upstairs, grabbed my Macbook and ran back down to continue watching Richard Alpert episode ~ to my delight, I only missed about 25 seconds! *lol* Luckily, Kris answered DC’s question during commercial break!

Cale: is that the real David Cook?
Kris: I don’t know
girls: yeah! yeah~
Kris: *looks at camera, makes a face, holds up 2 thumbs and slowing turns them down* ARGH group numbers.
someone (probably Cale): why is group number so bad?
Kris: it’s cheesy, man! soooooooo cheesy, dude. but you know, you gotta do them. and there’s like, dancing involved..

(I couldn’t catch the rest of his answer over commercial sounds, did he say anything else?)

btw, Kris didn’t watch Jumpin’ Jack Flash performance! KRIS, YOU SO FAILED!! but your answer is too cute, you’re forgiven! :)

Kris: umm..I’m.. I regret to tell you that I have not seen that. I’m sorry, David, and uhh.. please don’t punch me, he’s way bigger than me. I’ll put up a fight though. I’m sorry David I haven’t seen that, I’ll go on YouTube right now and watch it~




Video is hopeless, I still don’t know how to tackle that 23.7GB monster *headdesks* apparently, I can convert a file with QuickTime even though I can’t play it on QuickTime ROFL

Full AUDIO and VIDEO (2 hrs 14 mins)

audio towards the end of the clip is about 5 seconds out of sync, I think it happened during original 6-hour dubbing process (I’m still surprised my iMac didn’t die on me while processing this gigantic 23.7GB clip plus temp files! lol).

ETA2: there’s no static, peeps, my iMac is kinda awesome~ *lol* ♥


5 Responses to If I Can Dream

  1. glenda says:

    I didn’t even know about this show so I fail LOL But your text messages read by David & band? Total win!

    Compression–mmm, have you tried that program that people use with ripped dvds? I know that when you rip a dvd it can make a huge file & then you can run it thru this program & make it manageable. Sarah used it when she ripped Takitsuba Clips to make those promos. The name is escaping me & unfortunately I lost it when the main hard drive crashed last month. VOB? VOBSub?

  2. naughtiest says:

    lol I only knew about this show because I was watching House on Hulu and a commercial for this show was on XD

    thanks Glenda! I think vobsub only runs on windows OS though. my friend told me to chop it down to smaller piece first, which might be a good idea since the show was over 2 hours *crazy* he’s gonna give me a detailed instruction on that (maybe even with a flowchart lol), hopefully I can execute that! ;)

  3. chinagrrl says:

    thanks for posting your very entertaining recap! :D i wish i could’ve been around to tweet something interesting.

    downloading the video as we speak… eternally grateful to you that i don’t have to watch the edited version on hulu. :S

  4. cookie says:

    THANK YOU for the full video!! It kept me wide awake until 1:30am. :))
    Unlike you, I absolutely LOVE seeing David in a reality show like this. I want to know him more as a person.

    So, how are you recovering from what David said about your name? LOL! It sucks that I wasn’t there to tweet the guys while they were inside the house. The people in there were really lame especially the guy with the guitar, right?!

    What happened to Kris Allen’s visit? Was it awkward too?

  5. naughtiest says:

    hulu is higher quality though~ lol hope you enjoy it!

    you’re welcome, glad you have a good time watching it~ I didn’t really watch Kris’ visit, I only tuned in just in time to listen to his answer to DC’s question, so I’m not sure how awkward it was, but I bed it’s awkward *lol*

    as for reality show, I think 24/7 internet reality show is too much for him and his privacy. I’d love to see him on Amazing Race or a cooking show on foodnetwork though ;)

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