I went to bed last night but couldn’t sleep, so I turned on my computer and my scanner. Then I opened photoshop. And now I’m sleep deprived. LOL

If you think I can stay away from this picture, you don’t know me at all! XD

It’s my most favorite shot from Takki’s set of this year calendar. I’m completely in love with it. How could I not? Tono in monochrome! Tono’s abs!!!! Tono in white pants! Tono was spreading his legs wide open when wearing white pants, to be exact!!! LOL Of course, you should be used to this perverted part of my brain by now~ XD

The atmosphere was so calm and peaceful, and if you look a bit further, I’d say, lonely even. Great composition. Natural. Simple. Beautiful.

For a second, I thought he was an elf sailing off to the Undying Land. (then I screamed: OH CRAP! COME BACK TAKKI!!! XD)

Anyway, it’s pretty tricky to recreate the rest of the water. I’ve tried various techniques, but 2.5 hours later, I just gave up and threw in some layers to conceal my patchworks. LOL Also, I started off with fancy fonts and a lot more texts, but changed my mind and decided to keep it simple instead. 2 versions of the same thing as I obviously couldn’t decide on the colors. ^^

[1024×768 and 1280×1024 in pink and blueish purple]

As always, comment is love ^^


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  1. Mukthi says:


    Thanks so much for this wallie!! Its awesome!! As always.. Takki is love!! XOXOXOXOXO

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